Staying Sober and Sane Over Thanksgiving

alcohol rehab in columbus OHWhen you think of Thanksgiving, how does it make you feel? Do you feel happy about spending time with family and friends? Do you get excited about eating all the food and yummy desserts? Or do you struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction that makes you feel ashamed and gives you unpleasant thoughts, bringing up painful memories?

If your're suffering from substance abuse, then you'll be happy to know that we're going to talk about how you can stay safe, sober, and sane over Thanksgiving this year. If you need drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH, call Legacy Freedom.

Helpful Holiday Tips

Triggers - The holidays bring up many trigger points for those struggling with addiction problems. These triggers can lead to urges that make you want to drink or use drugs and the Thanksgiving holiday is no exception. Thanksgiving, like all holidays, is often jam packed with get-togethers and family celebrations. You'll be surrounded by friends and family drinking, and even using drugs in some cases. This can make you feel alone and out of place. Fitting in will be difficult unless you're mentally prepared.

Another trigger might be emotional, or hard to deal with family members. When you're in recovery, you need a strong support group. There will be people that just do not fit inside that group and could bring out the worst in you. Everything they do irritates or aggravates you. This can make you reactive instead of proactive. With the right alcohol and drug treatment, you'll learn how to always be proactive to avoid as many triggers as possible.

Support and Strength - Thanksgiving is only one day, so the uncomfortable feelings you'll have will be short lived. Granted, you might have a few different family activities if you're married or have a significant other, but think of these as a test run for Christmas and New Year's Eve/Day.

If you feel like you cannot make it through the Thanksgiving holiday, get your support group involved. Tell your family and friends what you're going through and ask for help. Being honest about your situation is one of your biggest weapons in avoiding a relapse. Plus, there is always strength in numbers and surrounding yourself with people that love you will go along way in reducing trigger stress.

Keep Your Sobriety at the Top - Staying sane means staying sober. This goes for Thanksgiving and every other day after you graduate from treatment and move into recovery. Thanksgiving is no different than next Monday when it comes to your sobriety. The most important thing is to not pick up a drink or use drugs, no matter what how bad you think the situation has gotten. This means that you might have to avoid doing certain things, at certain places, with certain people. These are the sacrifices that you have to make to stay sober.

For instance, if you know that everyone at your annual holiday work party will be getting sloppy drunk, do not go. Just have a polite conversation with your boss to express your concerns. Being honest with them will allow them to understand your position and why your sobriety is important.

Staying sober and sane this Thanksgiving does not have to be hard. With these tips we hope yours is peaceful and something you'll be thankful for from now on.

Dependable Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Columbus OH

Drug addiction, alcohol abuse and other forms of substance abuse are controlling diseases. Legacy Freedom Treatment Center knows how important it is to receive effective, comprehensive treatment. Our outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus OH includes holistic and alternative therapies that are customized to fit your needs. It’s not just a 12-step, one-size-fits-all program; it’s about real recovery. Call us today to speak with an admissions counselor at our Columbus treatment center.

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