Staying Sober in College

alcohol rehab in raleigh NCGoing back to school as a newly sober person can be a difficult transition because most people view drinking as part of the college experience. A 2012 study by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol abuse reported that 80 percent of college students drink.

While you may be in the minority when it comes to your peers, it’s possible to go back to school without damaging your recovery. You deserve a second chance to finish your education. Don’t let your lifestyle changes keep you from accomplishing your goals. If someone you love needs drug or alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC, please call Legacy to learn more.

● Consider living with your parents instead of in a dorm or in an apartment with friends. There will be less pressure to drink or go out. If your old social crowd still parties regularly, it may be best to keep your distance from them. If they aren’t supportive of your sobriety, it’s especially important not to associate with them so that you don’t risk succumbing to peer pressure.

● If you find that most of your old friends aren’t interested in hanging out without drinking or taking drugs, then it’s probably best to find new people to hang out with who have other interests. Check your school’s web site for clubs or other activities you can get involved with to meet people.

● If you aren’t already in a recovery support group, join one. Having a group of people you’re able to talk to regularly that can relate to what you’re going through can be extremely helpful. You may also be able to find a mentor that you can call when you’re feeling anxious or afraid you will relapse. Check for local programs or see if there is one on campus. Your college may even have special housing for recovering addicts.

● While you’re at it, you may want to clean up your social media accounts by “unfriending” or unfollowing people you don’t want to associate with online. Also, take down any pictures of yourself drinking or partying. You want to project the person you are now, not who you were. Plus, this will help you attract new friends who aren’t into those activities.

● Stay active either by going to the on-campus gym or joining a sports team at your school. It doesn’t have to be a major sport like football or basketball; you could see if there is a kickball league or running club. Exercise helps you feel better physically because it releases endorphins that give you a natural high. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll have a positive activity to occupy your time. Having a six-pack will have a different meaning than it did before and you’ll be better for it.

● Think about taking additional classes. Staying busy with schoolwork can help distract you from thinking about drinking or doing drugs. If you failed classes or didn’t get enough credits in the past because of your substance abuse problem, then you can catch up.

● Plan to celebrate getting through the semester with a special activity or by purchasing something you want. It’ll give you incentive to stay on track.

Dependable Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Raleigh NC

People of all ages can develop substance abuse problems. If you suspect your teenager or college student may have a problem with alcohol or drug abuse, call Legacy of Raleigh. We offer outpatient therapy in a safe, caring environment so that they can continue to go to school. Our customized drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC offers many different types of therapy options that meet the needs of the individual to ensure that he or she has the tools needed for a full recovery. We can help you get your child the help he or she needs. Give us a call today.

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