Staying Safe on College Spring Break

Asheville alcohol rehab centerSoon, college kids will be heading out for a spring break vacation. Most young adults can't wait until they're able to get away from class, homework and structured schedules for the week. Lying by the pool, hanging out on the beach, and lounging around with no responsibilities sounds amazing.

However, there are some unsafe situations that can arise during college spring breaks. Today we're talking spring break safety! Keep reading for more info! If you're searching for an Asheville alcohol rehab center and drug treatment facility that you can trust, look no further than Legacy Freedom. We can help you kick your addiction problems.

Spring Break Safety

Thankfully, there are several tips that can help ensure college kids stay safe this year. Below, you will find a bit of advice and information that can deter issues that might come up during this week of fun. Be sure to share this with your friends, loved ones and college aged kids so they're able to stay safe during spring break.

  • Always make proper plans before traveling. Try not to fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to traveling on spring break, especially if you're going to a popular destination. If you wait too long, it's possible there won't be any hotels available for you to book.
  • Always stick with the group. Make sure that you are part of a group and never leave anyone alone or behind. Going out alone can be one of the most dangerous things. It's important to stick with this rule. As the old saying goes, "there is safety in numbers."
  • Be sure to take all prescription medications needed that have been prescribed by a doctor. Also, pack a first aid kit filled with pain relievers, stomach aids, Band-Aids and antibiotic cream.
  • Be sure to take your passport with you if you're taking a trip out of the country. Your passport needs to be up-to-date and with you at all times. Even if you're just going to the grocery store, it's a good idea to carry it with you.
  • During spring break, you'll come in contact with people who might try to give you things. No matter what it is, do not accept it. This includes things that might be given to you on the train, a taxi or a bus, or airport.
  • Before leaving, be sure to go over all details of your trip. Call the airline to ensure your flight is on time and also call the hotel to confirm your reservation.
  • Going along with the group rule, be sure to never leave with a stranger. Even if you feel comfortable with your newfound friend, it's important to stay with the people you came with.
  • Pay attention to your instincts when going out on the town during spring break. If something doesn't look right or feels uncomfortable, take that as a warning sign. Leave and go to a public place or somewhere you feel more comfortable. Trust your instincts.
  • With the political climate today, you may run into a few public protests. To ensure you are safe, do not join in. Protests can sometimes become hostile. If you end up in trouble with the law, you may not be able to get out of it without a parent there to help you. If you are in another country, this can be most difficult to deal with.
  • Leave expensive jewelry at home. Even if you have jewelry that just looks expensive, consider leaving it behind at the hotel or at home. Flashing expensive looking things can cause you to become a target.
  • Make a copy of your passport and travel itinerary to leave at home with your parents. That way, someone will know where you are at all times and will be able to help you should you lose your passport.
  • Never accept food or drinks from strangers. Doing so could result in unsafe consumption. You never know what is in the drink or food that can make you sick or cause you to be drugged.
  • Never bring large amounts of cash out in public for people to see. Take only what you need for your outing and leave the bulk of it in a safe place at the hotel.
  • Never go anywhere without your cell phone. You never know when you'll need to make a phone call. Also be sure to keep phone numbers for the hotel, friends and family written down. Cell phones can be faulty or your battery could die. Keeping written phone numbers with you at all times will help you in an emergency.
  • Never pack illegal substances with you on your trip. Doing so might result in jail time while you are in a foreign place. This could be disastrous for you and your parents. Be sure to follow all laws wherever it is you are vacationing.
  • Once you reach your destination, be sure to familiarize yourself with medical facilities. If you or someone you are with gets hurt it's important to get help immediately.
  • Refrain from binge drinking. We know how tempting it is, considering you're on spring break. But, most criminal acts go hand-in-hand with excessive drinking. It's important to keep the drinking to a minimum or refrain from doing so at all. It's the surest way to stay out of trouble and keep yourself safe.
  • Respect the culture and country that you are visiting. It's easy to get loud and boisterous when you're out having fun. Try not to disrespect the area you have visited for vacation. This can result in trouble with the law in some places.
  • Be sure to have a safe place to keep credit cards, cash and documents at the hotel. It's important to also keep extra cash hidden in a separate place in your wallet.

We hope this information helps you, or someone you know, stay safe on spring break. Just because you're taking precaution doesn't mean you won't have fun. It's better to be safe than sorry in these instances. Good luck with your trip. Have fun and stay safe!

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