Stay Sober This Halloween Part 2

Are you worried about Halloween and trying to stay sober this year? It's possible you've spent every other Halloween drinking alcohol. This year should be different!

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Staying sober on a holiday can be challenging for even the most seasoned recovered addict. Unfortunately, Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays for parties and drinking alcohol. Below, you'll find a few tips that will help you stay sober this Halloween night!

Hang Out With The Kids

You won't believe how much fun spending time with kids can be on Halloween. Join in on taking a friend's kids trick-or-treating instead of partying. Or, join in on a trunk-or-treat event at a local church! Invite friends and have a blast giving out candy and watching the kids have fun!

If you live in a great neighborhood with lots of trick-or-treaters, stay in, invite sober friends over, watch movies, eat snacks and give out candy at home!

Throw Your Own Party

Who says you can't party the night away without drinking alcohol?! Through your own responsible party without booze. Invite friends you can trust to stay sober and have a blast! You can serve Halloween treats, watch movies or dance the night away! Instead of friend's bringing alcohol, have them bring their favorite punch concoction and then have a contest to see which is best!

New Traditions

It's possible that your previous tradition involved drinking on Halloween. It's time to change it up! Dress up, have your own sober party or go see movies at a local theater on Halloween. Talk it over with a few sober friends and make new traditions that replace the old ones involving alcohol!

Just because you no longer drink alcohol doesn't mean you can't have a great time this Halloween. Just think outside the box and do something fun and exciting that doesn't involve booze! Also be sure to keep a few sober friends around for moral support, as well!

If you missed our previous post with more great ideas to help you stay sober this Halloween, visit back with our next blog post!

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Charlotte NC

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