Stay Sober This Labor Day

alcohol rehab in Asheville NCStaying sober during the holidays is hard, especially those that land on the day before or after a weekend. Who doesn't want to spend a long weekend having fun with friends and family? While we all want to spend our weekend having a blast and forgetting our responsibilities for a few days, it doesn't mean we have to use the time as an excuse to use drugs or alcohol. If you need alcohol rehab in Asheville NC, call Legacy Freedom today.

There are plenty of ways to stay sober during the holidays. Soon, Labor Day weekend will be here. This weekend is considered the end of summer and is often celebrated with cookouts, boating on the lake for the last time of the year or other fun ways. Below, you'll find several tips that might help you stay sober this upcoming Labor Day weekend!

If you're looking to stay sober this holiday weekend, make sure to steer clear of parties that will offer nothing but alcohol or drugs. Have your own party with family and friends you're comfortable around. Hang out with loved ones that value your decision to stay sober and support you by not using in front of you.

It's likely you'll be invited to several celebrations throughout the weekend. Drug or alcohol use will probably be a factor. You might be worried about declining invitations because you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. However, it's more than OK to say no to any and all parties that will have substance abuse issues going on. Real friends and family should understand your decision to say no and not hold it against you. Don't feel bad for wanting to stay sober and continue your road to recovery.

If you can't avoid going to a party that will offer drugs or alcohol, keep your hands full the entire time you're there. It might sound odd, but it's a trick that will work. Keep a non-alcoholic drink in your hand, along with something to eat, as well. Most people won't offer you something if they see that you already have a drink and are eating. This trick can work for many events, even outside a holiday weekend or party.

If you're struggling with thoughts of using again, consider the following reasons why staying sober is important.

Reasons for Staying Sober

  • Forgo a hangover the next day
  • No worries about being arrested for unjust behavior or getting a DWI
  • Preserve your original sobriety anniversary
  • Prevent a relapse
  • Recall how you had fun and what you did over the course of the weekend
  • Remember who you spent the weekend with

Preventing a relapse should be your number one reason for staying sober during Labor Day weekend. Why work so hard to commit to recovery and then throw it all away for one weekend of drinking or doing drugs?

We hope these tips help you stick with recovery without falling into relapse this upcoming holiday! How do you plan to spend the long weekend? What techniques do you use in order to stay sober during holidays?

Alternative Alcohol Rehab in Asheville NC | Legacy Freedom

If you’re suffering from an alcohol addiction and need help, outpatient therapy might be the best decision for recovery. Addiction isn’t something that can be easily beaten, oftentimes it requires rehab and support. Legacy Freedom of Asheville is here to offer both to you, when you’re ready. Contact our substance abuse treatment center, today to start your journey to recovery and a happier, healthy life.

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