Stay Sober During the Holidays

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Most people love the holidays. After all, this is the season for lots of socializing, going to different parties, eating a lot of yummy treats and holiday food, celebrating the things you have, and drinking alcohol. For those struggling with alcohol or substance abuse problems, the holidays can be dreadful. Addicts in recovery can often feel left out. These groups of patients are constantly reminded of a time back when they would overindulge and have too much of a "good time". Staying sober during the holidays is different than the rest of the year. Recovering addicts can have a hard time setting boundaries to limit themselves from situations where a lot of alcohol consumption might be present because of work, family, or other holiday parties. Recovering addicts are faced with constant battles during the holidays and our drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH can help. Legacy Freedom offers holistic treatment programs and an alternative approach to your recovery. Call us right now and get to know us on a personal level so we can help you with your addictions problems.

Many people, not just addicts, seem to like to compare their lives and situations to other people. This appears to get worse during the holiday season. Thanks to the media, the myth of the "perfect family" can really have a negative impact on both sober people and recovering addicts. For instance, divorced and depressed people might feel as if their problems are magnified during the holidays. They might see a happy couple holiday shopping and start to reflect negatively about their own situations and "have nots". Just turning on your TV or radio and hearing all of the cheery commercials can be emotionally charged. These constant false representations of perfection can drive some sober people to drinking and cause recovering addicts to relapse. You have to be strong and remind yourself that no one alive is perfect. Every person and family is flawed. We all have problems and daily struggles but how you deal with them is key, especially during the holidays. If you are a recovering alcoholic, then you probably spent years filling your different voids by drinking heavily. Now that you have removed this negative element from your life, you might feel confused and vulnerable. We should mention that while holidays do pose a higher risk of relapse, you do have options and you can get the help and the support you need. You do not have to feel this way and Legacy Freedom can help. Call our drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH to learn more.

We took some time to put together a list of things that you can do to prepare for all of these parties and events. Think of these tips as your holiday survival guide.

  • Make sure to get extra rest and take care of yourself. Get plenty of good sleep and take time to relax.
  • Make sure you do not sway from your exercise schedule. You might even find that getting more exercise will help.
  • Keep your diet in check. Make sure you are eating the right foods regularly. Avoid alcohol laden treats such as Rum Cake.
  • Be honest. Let your loved ones and friends know how you are feeling and ask for support.
  • If you can, work extra hours. Some recovering addicts find this to be a great way to keep themselves distracted.
  • Put yourself and your sobriety first. Learn how to say "NO" to events that you do not want to attend.
  • Do not worry about being a people pleaser - again, put yourself first - this is not being selfish.
  • Take a mini vacation - Who says you have to celebrate at all? Take a trip with sober friends to somewhere exotic and warm.
  • Finally, just know that this too will pass and no matter how you're feeling and how down you are, do not drink or relapse.


Holiday Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center In Columbus OH

You really do have options for help. You do not have to be alone with your recovery. Call Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers today for the best drug and alcohol treatment center in Columbus OH, Raleigh NC and Charlotte NC. Making this call today could change your life for the better for the rest of your life.

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