Stay Safe This Spring Break!

Everybody thinks about college spring break as the most fun and exciting time of their lives. However, they rarely think about the dangerous side of it. There are several common spring break disasters that can happen to you if you don't have a good plan. Below, you will find information about each of these dangerous issues and how you can avoid them.

Spring Break Safety | Alcohol Rehab Charlotte NC

Often, we meet someone special on spring break that we want to spend more time with. However, this could be dangerous. You have no idea who this person is and what they're capable of. If you must spend one-on-one time with them, be sure to pick a place that's near your hotel or at least in public. The best way to ensure you can avoid disaster is by meeting this person at your hotel. That way, your friends will have access at all times.

It's easy to get lost in a sea of strangers during spring break. There are people you've never met all over the place. Try not to get separated from your group. We know how easy it is to get lost in a club or a bar, but it's important to keep track of where your friends are at all times. Sticking with those you know minimizes the threat of issues. Never go anywhere by yourself.

Binge drinking is a common problem on spring break. This is a situation that can be easily avoided. It can harder than it seems though. You can drink too much without even realizing it. That's why it's important to monitor how much you're drinking or refrain from doing so at all. You could have just as much fun without any alcohol as long as you remember that not drinking is the safest thing to do.

If you do choose to drink, remember that it's easy for someone to slip the date rape drug in your drink without you even realizing it. The drug effects you immediately and lasts several hours. Even if you are not raped as a result, it can cause harm, because you become extremely intoxicated by the drug. You may slip and fall or seriously injure yourself, in addition to becoming vulnerable to others who might do you harm, as well.

Getting robbed is one of the most common disasters on spring break. Why? You're in a location that you are unfamiliar with and you're on vacation. That means you'll have more money than normal and you'll be traveling with quite a bit of personal belongings. Your purse or wallet could be stolen easily without you even realizing it. If your ID, credit cards, passport and money are in those, you could be facing some pretty serious issues. That's why it's important to lock up any extra money that you've brought with you in a safe place. Make copies of your passport and other documentation that can help you get home. Also, leave an extra stash of money somewhere in case the other place is compromised. Write down phone numbers that you need and keep them in your pocket. Then, you'll be able to contact someone for help.

It's possible you could become sick when traveling to a destination in another country. Whether it's an allergic reaction, food poisoning or other issue, it's a scary thing to be sick and away from home. Be sure to familiarize yourself with medical facilities in the area before anything happens. Be sure to take over-the-counter medicines like allergy pills, digestion aids and other things that can help in an emergency. If you still don't feel better you can visit a hospital. Be sure all the water you drink is pure and don't eat any foods that seem like they might not agree with you. Trying everything you come in contact with may not be the best bet considering you're on vacation, away from family and home.

Being out in the sun, you can get a serious sunburn before you know it. Be mindful of how long you stay in the sun and be sure to use sunscreen. Make sure you reapply often. Even if you were not prone to sunburns, you may get one in a tropical location.

Staying hydrated in a tropical area is important. The heat is sometimes unbearable. Drink lots of clean water and be sure to moisturize your skin if you've been out in the sun quite a bit. If you've been drinking even a little bit, it can dehydrate you, as well. Keep your water intake up the entire time.

We hope these tips help you avoid disasters that can happen while on spring break. Remember, you can have fun without drinking and you can also be safe without having a boring time.

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