Spring Break Alcohol Safety

Happy young friends dancing in the nightclubWhen we hear someone say spring break, the first thing we think of is students taking time off of school to go somewhere to blow off steam, have a crazy time, and drink a lot of alcohol. As more and more years pass, spring break has become an annual tradition of sorts. Some would even say it's a right of passage that is synonymous with alcohol, drugs, partying hard, and casual sex.

Some of you might be familiar with the provocative video series called Girls Gone Wild. These notorious videos brought spring break craziness to a whole new level, except they preserved the bad behavior that we only hear about on video, for ever. Some would even say that these videos were some parents worse nightmare. Some parents got to see their children making very poor decisions that might affect them for life, mostly while under the influence of alcohol.

All too often we see young adults fall victim to alcohol abuse and other substance abuse problems, because they do not understand how their experimenting is really nothing but destructive behavior that is creating possible future addiction problems. In today's post, the experts from our Columbus OH alcohol rehab center wants to discuss how the dangers of alcohol can really have negative consequences on your overall well being, personal life, and how some of these consequences can cause severe legal problems, and even death.

For starters, drinking alcohol lowers your inhibitions. This can mean all sorts of things when it comes to making the right decisions. Most people under the influence do not make the right decisions when drunk, and often times regrettable behavior is exhibited. Sometimes the repercussions of this behavior can lead to unsafe sex, fighting, injury, and arrest. The promiscuity that oftens follows this type of behavior can also lead to STDs, including AIDS, and unwanted pregnancies as well.

If you're about to embark on a spring break trip, please keep these alcohol safety tips in mind.

Alcohol Poisoning - When it comes to spring break, binge drinking and heavy drinking seem to go hand and hand. This type of high-risk behavior leaves many spring breakers participating in another less popular tradition, and that is winding up in emergency room due to alcohol poisoning. If you want to party safely, and avoid alcohol poisoning this spring break, try to stick to a drinking limit and pace yourself so that you are drinking no more than one alcoholic drink per hour. You should be eating, and drinking plenty of water throughout the night, in between drinks as well.

Safer Sex | Sexual Assault Prevention -  When drinking, make sure you have a friend with you at all times, preferably someone sober that can look out for all the friends that are drinking. This is especially true for women, as a sober sitter might prevent a sexual assault from occurring, due to being able to think clearly and correctly.  Casual sexual activity on spring break can lead to all types of lifelong consequences, such as STDs, unplanned pregnancy, and even depression and emotional stress by feels of regret and shame.

Holistic Columbus OH Alcohol Rehab Center

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