Social Networks Can Help with Recovery

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Today, recovering addicts have a lot of at-home resources to help them stay on the path of sobriety. Once you complete our programs for drug rehab Raleigh NC, you'll just be starting your journey back to a healthy lifestyle. You will face rough times when you feel like using again but thanks to a lot of cool technology, you do not have sit around and suffer, or wait to get the help you need. You can actually get some help right from the safety of your own home through your personal computer, mobile device, or smartphone.

These days, almost everyone is plugged into the internet and social media. Digital interaction is as much of our daily lives as eating food. Whether we're constantly checking email, firing off text message after text message, updating Facebook , or tweeting, being online is just something that's common in almost every household. Humans need to interact, it's built into our genes, so why not use these networks to help you stay sober? For instance, Facebook has over 800 million users, and Twitter has over 300 million users, so these online networks can provide real-time support no matter where you are located, or when you're feeling the urge to use.

Being connected to this many people can be a blessing for addicts in recovery, especially in the early stages when they're still relearning how to cope with the daily stresses and problems without using. For instance, someone graduating from our recovery programs in Raleigh, North Carolina can return to their home on the other side of the state and still stay in contact with their friends and counselors through social media. If a recovering addict is feeling the need to use, all they have to do is reach out to one of their many sober friends or followers for support. This can sometimes be faster, and easier than making a phone call to your sober allies or sponsors. No matter where a recovering addict is in the world, they will always have a support system as long as they have access to the internet.

These virtual support groups can really reduce the chance of relapse. Social media networks can be a great way to get support for a busy recovering addict as well. When life gets too busy, there may be little time to attend meetings and go outside the home to find addiction recovery support. You might have a family and kids, or work several jobs, or go to school full time plus have other activities that can not only eat up your time, but stress you out to the point of facing relapse. When this happens, log into Facebook, Twitter, or one of the many addiction recovery forums to get the support you need. You'll be able to write your problems away and get back messages of encouragement from lots of people just like you, that are facing the same problems that you're facing.

If you're not sure where to get started, we can help you. You'll first need to have access to a device that can connect to the internet. Then go to google and search for addiction recovery forums, or addiction recovery message boards. Most of the results that you find will be free to join and all you have to do is create your account. If you already have a Facebook, or Twitter account, then all you need to do is search for sobriety terms, join the group, and communicate with the other members. Twitter maybe a little different since it's all about hashtags, or words with a # in front of it. Search, and tag your tweets with #Sobriety, or #AddictionRecovery to help build your online support system.

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