Social Media, Teens, and Substance Abuse

drug and alcohol treatment center in Asheville NCIn less than a decade, social media has taken on a life of its own. Everyone is using it. From Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, the age of users is getting younger and younger. While using the type of networking can be fun, entertaining and harmless, there are parts of it that can cause trouble for our teens. It can even give them an outlet to express their actions in a way they'd never do otherwise.

Even more, Facebook and Twitter are exposing teens to things they wouldn't normally see, like peers getting drunk or smoking marijuana. If that isn't bad enough, these photos, combined with excessive use of social media is influencing teens to use drugs or alcohol.

The website states that a survey they conducted found that 40% of all teens surveyed have seen pictures on Facebook, Myspace or other social networking sites of kids getting drunk, passed out, or using drugs. Half of teens who have seen pictures of kids drunk, passed out, or using drugs on Facebook and other social networking sites first saw such pictures when they were 13 years of age or younger; more than 90% first saw such pictures when they were 15 or younger.

Kids that use social media excessively, in addition to seeing photos of their peers drinking or using drugs are more likely to do so, themselves. Below, you'll find a few facts about this matter, according to

Kids who constantly use social media are:

  • 5 times likelier to use tobacco
  • 3 times likelier to use alcohol
  • Twice as likely to use marijuana
  • 3 times likelier to use alcohol
  • 4 times likelier to use marijuana

Kids who see photos of peers partaking in substance abuse are:

  • 4 times likelier to be able to get marijuana
  • Almost 3 times likelier to be able to get controlled prescription drugs without a prescription
  • More than twice as likely to be able to get alcohol in a day or less
  • Much likelier to have friends and classmates who abuse illegal and prescription drugs

For more information about teen substance abuse and how social media affects their perception of it, be sure to visit back with us for our next blog post. We will talk more about it, including how you can keep it from happening to your teen.

This is just another form of peer pressure that should be taken seriously. If you're worried about your teen son or daughter and how they'll be influenced on social media, consider limiting their use for a while and see if you notice a difference in their behavior.

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