Sobriety Doesn’t Always Come Easy So Remember These Things

Columbus OH drug rehabGetting sober is one thing, but staying sober is another. This is something every recovering addict can tell you. Getting clean and sober is a wonderful path to take, however it can also be an emotional roller coaster. Some days are awesome, and you'll feel like you're walking on the moon. Then again, other days you're struggling just to get out of bed because you feel like the entire universe is out to get you.

These struggles can often become daily issues for some addicts and the fight to stay sober can even seem not worth it. To combat these feelings, having a plan in place to deal with life's hard times can keep you on the straight and narrow. This sobriety action plan is extremely valuable for those facing early recovery struggles.

In today's post, we're going to take a look at a few common situations that you should include into your action plan. This way you'll be better able to deal with them and make easier choices so your sobriety doesn't suffer. Do you have a loved one suffering from problems with substance abuse? If so, maybe it's finally time to get them the help they need and deserve. Maybe it's time to bring in professional help like the kind found at Legacy Freedom! We offer the best Columbus OH drug rehab and alcohol treatment for anyone of any age that needs help with addiction. Call us today to learn more.

Keeping Sober When Life Gets Hard

Setting The Right Boundaries - There will be two types of people that will be in your network throughout your recovery. Unfortunately, one group will consist of people that will try their best to convince you that alcohol and drug rehab and recovery just isn't worth it. However, the other group will be so happy for you, and will do their best to help and support you. Set the right boundaries with those who do not support your sobriety and recovery. Cut ties with them if you need to. This might be a hard decision, but your sobriety is more important that staying friends with someone that couldn't care less about your needs.

Forgive And Move Forward - Making peace with your past can often be one of the hardest parts of recovery, especially in the early stages. This means not only seeking forgiveness from those you've hurt, but also forgiving yourself and moving forward in life as well. Carrying around a lot of regret, shame, and embarrassment for the bad decisions that you made in your past can actually be a big relapse trigger. Avoid beating yourself up as much as possible and keep your life moving forward in a positive direction. If there is some unsorted situation from your past that needs to be dealt with, be brave and get it out on the table. That will relieve a lot of the stress you're feeling. Don't be scared to apologize and talk it out.

Finding A Balance In Life - Finding your balance can take on lots of different meanings. It really depends on where you are in life. You need to be able to balance your work, sober routine, and fun time. You also have to balance your emotions so you can roll with the punches and deal with the everyday stresses of life. Staying balanced will help keep you from cracking and turning back to drugs or alcohol.

Plan For Boredom - During the early stages of recovery you might find yourself with lots of extra time on your hands. Now that you're no longer using drugs or drinking all day, you'll find yourself wondering how to fill all the time. This can lead to lots of boredom, which can be detrimental to your sobriety. See, boredom is one of the biggest relapse triggers for most everyone dealing with addiction recovery and staying making a plan to stay as busy as possible will be of immense help. Try to find activities that keep both your mind and body engaged. This can be anything from taking a new class, finding a new hobby, getting a second job, or simply going out for a jog.

Don't Hold Grudges - One of the key elements in learning how to live sober is figuring out how to deal with all of your emotions, both good and bad. Drugs and alcohol only numbs your emotions so you can escape your problems and put them off. Part of those emotions is dealing with the things you cannot control, and that includes the actions of others and how they treat you. You might have negative feelings towards those that have slighted you in the past, and that's natural. However, carrying around grudges for the rest of your life only wastes your energy and time. Focusing on these things that you cannot control takes time away from focusing on your own recovery. Furthermore, the type of negative thinking can actually lead to relapse due to overwhelming anger and frustrations.

Dealing With Anxiety And Stress

Columbus OH drug rehabFor those trying to live a life of sobriety, dealing with stress and anxiety without the luxury of pills and anti-anxiety medication can be one of the hardest parts of dealing with life. See, people with addictive personalities or those in addiction recovery can become dependent on this medication. Misusing it, or abuse can easily take hold. For some, the physical and psychological side effects are just too much to deal with. Prescription medication is great at managing anxiety and stress for those without addiction issues, so what kind of options do sober people have? Trying to cope with life's problems in a natural and holistic way does not have to be pipe dream, as alternative stress reduction techniques to exist.

Here's a few tips that you can use to deal with stress and anxiety with out pills, meds, alcohol or drugs.

Tune Out Your Stress - This does not mean that you should ignore your stress and anxiety, but rather turn on some good music that will put you in a better mood. Just think about it for a second, how does your favorite song make you feel? Does it put a smile on your face? There have been several research studies that have shown how music is really beneficial for our health and well being. For instance, listening to jazz or classical music has been proven to reduce stress levels, improve mood and even reduce physical pain. Music therapy has also been used to treat patients going through stressful procedures like major surgery, delivering babies, and cancer treatment. Music has also helped treat patients suffering from PTSD and Alzheimer. Thanks to today's advancements in technology, we can have our favorite music with most anytime we want it. With the use of smartphones, computers, and on-demand music services, your favorite soothing and healing tunes are now right at your fingertips, 24 hours a day.

Talk Out Your Stress - What ever you do, don't just hold all your stress inside. Let it out and talk about it. Talking about your problems is therapeutic regardless of if you are talking to a professional, your grandmother, and even yourself. That's right, talking to yourself can actually help you deal with stress and anxiety. Self-talking helps us realize when we're getting ourselves into negative thinking patterns and then refocusing back to a calmer state. Talking about your problems out loud is a positive coping mechanism that is great for redirecting your thoughts.

Work Out Your Stress - It should not be any surprise that we're going to put exercising on our list of holistic ways to deal with stress and anxiety. Daily exercise is one of the best ways to find quick relief. Plus, a daily exercise plan will help you with your boredom issues, increases your overall health and well beings, and makes you feel better by giving you a confidence boost. Plus, you'll shed a few extra pounds and look better too.

Furthermore, getting exercise outside actually provides even more health benefits. Studies have shown that being outside in nature benefits our mental health, as well as physical health. Plus you'll be able to get extra doses of vitamin D which is a great mood booster that helps fight off depression.

We hope today's post will help you deal with stress, anxiety, and the emotional roller coaster of early sobriety. Just remember that help is always available at Legacy Freedom if you need support.

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