Tips for Staying Sober During Vacation

Columbus OH alcohol rehab centerSummer is here and it is finally time to go on vacation. You've done all your work, got some time off, and now it's time to get some rest and relaxation. For a sober person, planning a vacation is different than someone who often drinks. Planning a sober vacation means taking the time to map out every little detail of your trip to avoid relapse triggers. It does not matter if you're trying to jetset off to somewhere tropical, or planning a camping trip to the local state park, there’s a good chance thoughts of drinking or using can sometimes happen.

When these thoughts crop up, you have to be ready to deal with them, just as you have to be able to deal with those unexpected situations when a trigger might occur. This is where having your sober vacation plan in place is valuable. When you start your vacation research, you need to first determine the relapse risk factor of your destination point. For instance, hiking in the Grand Canyon yields less risk of drinking than does vacationing in Las Vegas. You'll be surrounded by drinking and booze in Vegas, whereas you will see far less of that camping in the Grand Canyon.

Assessing your location beforehand and choosing the right destination will save you a lot of time dealing with potential problems down the road. We suggest that you avoid the big cities and major metro areas all together. Larger cities have lots of party venues, nightclubs, and bars. You'll have entertainment overload and most of it will be bad for your sobriety.

Avoid family destination vacations if there will be a lot of drinking involved. This could mean not participating in a family trip to Italy or France, where drinking lots of wine is common at lunch and dinner, or even as simple as saying no to a family beach trip where drinking is generally accepted without question.

After you pick your destination, plan your activities. You should do some internet research on all the available local attractions that will be close to your vacation spot. Pick out the most sober friendly ones and fill your day with fun things to do. Try to find some activities where you'll be learning a new skill. Something that requires a little effort will make you feel immensely satisfied when you complete it.

Join us for part two and three of this series where we continue to give you the best tips for planning a fun and exciting sober vacation.

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