Sober Vacation Tips Part 3: Routines, Saying No and Having Fun

alcohol rehab in Columbus OHIf you've been following along, you've seen our recent series on how to have a fun and successful vacation this summer, all while keeping your sobriety a top priority. In part one, we gave you a general overview on choosing the right location and planning some activities. Part two focused in on sober specialty companies, and keeping your support network informed of your plans. Part three will cover keeping up your routine, saying no, and just having fun.

Keep Your Recovery Routine - One of the keys to not using is staying in your routine. After a while, your routine will keep you sane and prevent you from making bad decisions. Whatever your routine consists of, whether it be daily meditation, working out, eating healthy or prayer, make sure you do not deviate while on break. Continue living your life as you normally would, practicing all of the same things that have helped you stay sober.

Say No to Dangerous Sobriety Situations - When it comes to your sobriety, you have to learn how to say no. You are not going to make everyone happy on this planet and your sobriety is a life or death situation. If you're on a trip and get asked to go out to a high trigger location, simply say no. You can explain your reasons why and come up with fun alternative and dry options, or keep your reasons to yourself and decline the invitation for something more up your alley.

Don't Be Scared to Have Fun - Having a sober vacation doesn't mean having a boring vacation. Planning your first one will not be easy, but it really does get easier from there. Especially as you build years worth of quality coping skills, your options will open up and you'll have more places you can travel to. While on your trip, be open to experiencing new things. Get outside of your comfort zone and conquer some of your fear. If you're scared of heights, hike to the top of a tall mountain, or go ziplining. There are so many fun adventures out there just waiting for you to explore them.

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