Staying Sober Through Thanksgiving

Drug Treatment in Wilmington NCThe start of fall means the start of the holiday season, and one of the holidays many struggle with is Thanksgiving. For some it can mean warm memories of family, football and good food, but for others it may cause stress because of bad experiences in the past. So how do you stay sober? Find out! For alternative addiction rehab, be sure to call Legacy Freedom. We offer a holistic approach to drug treatment in Wilmington NC that you'll not find anywhere else.

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Staying Sober Through The Holidays - Thanksgiving and Beyond!

If you had problems with drugs or alcohol, you may have unpleasant feelings associated with the holiday because of things you may have done during family gatherings, or simply from the stress of being around family. Not every family is as close and supportive as we would like, so you may have strained relationships with your parents, siblings or other members of the family. Worrying about upcoming holiday gatherings can cause stress that can be a trigger that may make you consider turning to drugs or alcohol to cope.

At Legacy Freedom of Wilmington, NC, we want to help you avoid those feelings that may lead you to relapse. Your sobriety should be the number one concern for you, especially if this is your first holiday season after becoming sober. Here are some tips for avoiding relapse during Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season so that you can start the new year sober.

First of all, be prepared. Think of Boy Scouts - they know to be ready for whatever comes their way. The same applies to you as a recovering addict or alcoholic entering the holiday season. Decide your game plan for navigating different scenarios. If you know a family member is going to ask pointed questions about your recovery, plan how you want to respond. Try to think of a positive, but short, answer to diffuse any disagreement that may ensue. Ask trusted family members to give you a little more support, or to help you navigate some of the more uncomfortable moments.

If your past Thanksgiving gatherings have involved alcohol, ask if your family would consider not having it this year, especially if you have just completed treatment. You may feel embarrassed to make that request, but it’s worth asking. If that’s not a possibility, bring a sober friend along if you feel like it will help you stay on track and keep your nerves calm. Knowing that someone there is on your side can give you the strength you need to get through the day.

If you can’t have someone in person, you can still get support via phone calls or texts. Maybe you have a friend from a support group who has to go home for Thanksgiving, too. You two can do quick check in calls or send texts to see how the day is going. It’ll help keep you accountable and give you someone to blow off steam with if things get difficult.

Have a relapse plan in place. If you avoid triggers and certain events, but you still find something that overwhelms you to the point where you really want to get high or drink, have other options in place. Ask your mentor or a support group member to be “on call” if you need to talk or meet. Plan to meet with your support group or therapist more during the holidays.

drug treatment in Wilmington NC If you, or someone you love, are struggling with the possibility of relapse during the holiday season, please call Legacy Freedom Treatment Center today.  Whether you completed one of our comprehensive treatment programs, or got help elsewhere, we can help you get through this tough time of year. Call us today to speak with an admissions counselor so you don’t have to navigate it alone. We offer affordable drug treatment in Wilmington NC.

Try to remember your sense of humor. When you’ve struggled with addiction, you’ve seen the darker sides of life and may not remember what it’s like to feel carefree and laugh. Try to lighten up and give people who have hurt you in the past another chance. Maybe they acted that way toward you because of your addiction. It is your family, after all. They may behave a certain way out of concern for your well-being.

Focus on what matters. Remind yourself why you’re in recovery and that you don’t want to ruin the progress you’ve made because of the stress of the holiday season. Remember that Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what you have and the people around you.

Some people find that keeping a gratitude journal or list helps them remember the important things in life. Take some time this Thanksgiving to write down the things you are thankful for. Seeing the things that are important to you, like friends, family, your health, or your job, can make you stronger in your recovery because you know that you could lose those things if you decide to drink or use drugs again.

Also remember that you don’t have to participate in your regular Thanksgiving tradition if it is going to severely compromise your sobriety. You can hold a second Thanksgiving and invite the family members who have been supportive.

You can spend Thanksgiving Day volunteering at a church or food bank. Giving back is a great way to do something positive while boosting your own self-esteem. Or you could spend all day at the movies or on the couch watching football. It’s okay to be a little selfish when you’re in recovery. Taking care of yourself so that you will stay on track is perfectly fine. There will be another Thanksgiving next year and you will be another year stronger in your sobriety so that you can tackle it head on.

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