Sober Spring Break Options

alcohol rehab in raleigh NCPanama City recently banned alcohol on their beaches because the city was tired of the havoc it has caused on their shores. Intoxicated spring breakers have littered the beaches with beer cans and trash, and made the once family-friendly spot a place for crime and other incidents. If the most well-known spring break locale has decided that alcohol should be banned, then maybe it’s time for you to rethink spring break.

If you’re in recovery, you may feel like you have to give up certain things in order to stay sober, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes you just need to think outside of the box.

There are plenty of experiences to be had that don’t have anything to do with drinking. Your spring break can be one of them.  Here’s guide to sober spring break options! Are you searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC? Legacy Freedom can help you! Call today to learn more about our Raleigh treatment options.

Sober Spring Break Options

Take a road trip
If you’re driving, you shouldn’t be drinking, so this is the ideal spring break. Pick a route with interesting stops along the way. Grab a couple of friends and a playlist and hit the road. You can plan to stay in cheap motels or camp out. Getting away from screens (phones, computers, TVs) for a few days can open up your eyes to a lot of new possibilities.

Take a sober vacation
There are many likeminded, sober people who want to take trips without the pressure of friends who drink, or the fear of relapsing. There are travel packages available for people like you who want to see new places and try new things without alcohol or drugs. Search Google and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find!

Get physical
If there is something you’ve always wanted to do – go scuba diving, ride the largest roller coaster in the U.S. or hike through a national forest, then go for it. This is the time to see what you are made of – you’ve already come pretty far in breaking your addiction. Free yourself of other fears.

Get pampered
You don’t have to go far to pamper yourself. Book a day at a local spa for a head to toe treatment. As an added bonus, you could stop by the local yoga studio for a relaxing session.

Donate your time
You can spend your vacation time giving back through several programs like Habitat for Humanity. But, you don’t have help build houses if that’s not your thing. There are dozens of other ways to volunteer. Search for a local volunteer organization that pairs non-profits with volunteers, or ask if one of your causes needs help. You could spend your days playing with puppies at the animal shelter, or use your graphic design skills to help a local thrift store advertise their goods.

Spend time at home
It may not sound all that exciting, but staying home can be just as great as a trip. If you’ve got a to-do list waiting, it’s the perfect time to tackle it. Does the idea of getting lost in a book sound wonderful? Curl up in your reading spot and dig in. If you’ve got TV shows to catch up on, there’s nothing wrong with spending the day with Netflix.

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