Can a Sober Person Date a Drinker?

alcohol rehab in greensboro NCThe dating world is a tough one. No matter what age you are, teen, young adult or older, getting out there and meeting a great person is hard. With social media, dating websites and other online options, the "art" of dating as changed drastically in the last decade.

For those that aren't sure where to start, it can be quite frightening. If you have a loved who is drinking too much, call Legacy. We offer the best alcohol rehab in Greensboro NC.

Sober People Dating Drinkers - Is It Possible?

Those that are just recovering from a substance abuse problem can really have a hard time getting back in the game. For one, finding ways to date without putting yourself in the direct line of triggers is tough. Two, explaining to your date that you don't drink is all kinds of worrisome. You don't know how they'll respond. They might not know how to react. It's stressful and scary.

There's also the idea that sober people can't date drinkers. Why? As a recovering alcoholic, being around alcohol is hard. Even the most seasoned recovering addicts have trouble facing it without thoughts of partaking.

So, is it possible to date a drinker as a sober person? To answer this, you'll find several questions you should ask yourself before choosing to get into a serious relationship with a drinker.

Do they drink all the time? If alcohol is always a part of the equation you might want to rethink the possibility of a serious relationship. A few drinks at dinner or going to a party once a month is one thing but when alcohol is involved in every activity or drinking is a normal part of their day, it can be hard to handle a a sober person.

How is your life going during recovery? Do you workout? Have friends that support your decision to stay away from alcohol? Are you working at a good job that challenges and motivates you? While this is more than just one question, considering how your life is going, without dating involved, is key. If you're strong in recovery and your life is going great, you might be able to handle a relationship that involves a drinker. However, start off slow, tread lightly. Don't get too interested too soon. You might have to back off if things get out of hand with their drinking habits.

What do you like most about them? Do they have great values? Appreciate the same things that you do? Again, more than one question here, but understanding what their positive tributes are is important. You want to be sure this person cares more about life and living a positive life than they do alcohol. Really consider what it is about this person you like, their values and how successful they are in life.

We hope this information helps you decide whether or not you're able to date a drinker as a sober person. If you need tips on dating sober, visit back with our previous blogs. You're sure to find something there that is fun and will allow you to get to know one another without alcohol!

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