Sober New Year’s Celebration Ideas

wilmington drug and alcohol treatment centerAt our Wilmington drug and alcohol treatment center, we think that a sober New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, doing something different this year can be exciting. What’s the fun in drinking all night and feeling bad the next day? You can have just as much fun celebrating without the hangover in the morning.

Here at Legacy Freedom Treatment of Wilmington, we want to help you to have just as much fun this year as you have had in the past. You don’t have to drink in order to have fun, but if you are feeling stressed out and think that your sobriety may be compromised because of the upcoming holiday, give us a call. You can talk to one of our admissions counselors who can answer your questions and give you the support you need to get through this season.

Now let’s take a look at some alternatives to the standard booze filled New Year’s Eve parties. If you need a Wilmington drug and alcohol treatment center, call Legacy Freedom for help.

New Year's Celebration Ideas For Sober People

Take a weekend road trip.
Who says you have to stay home for New Year’s Eve? This year it falls on a weekend, so plan a road trip with your other sober friends or family. The mountains are just a few hours away, or you can head to one of the quaint historic towns in South Carolina.

Head down the road to the beach.
If you’re in Wilmington or the surrounding area, hit the beach! Rentals are cheap in the winter. If you rent a private home, you may be able to have a bonfire on the beach. The next day, take a dip in the water to start your new year off with an exhilarating plunge in the ocean.

Jump out of a plane.
If you really want to end the year with a bang, go on a tandem skydive. There are facilities throughout North Carolina where you can jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet or higher with a trained professional on your back. It would be an exhilarating way to end the year (or start the new one.)

Have a game night.
If you have family or friends with kids, this is a perfect way to spend New Year’s. Get out a few board games and invite everyone over to play all evening. Set up card tables or put pillows around the coffee table to make room for each game area. Ask everyone to bring their favorite snack and have non-alcoholic beverages on hand. Pick up a few prizes for the winner of each game, or have them face off in a grand prize challenge.

Host a cooking party.
Have friends and family over to make a meal. You can pick a theme or certain type of cuisine and have each person bring the ingredients for their dish. Cooking together gives you something to do throughout the evening, and it will all culminate with a big meal at the end.

wilmington drug and alcohol treatment centerBe the designated driver.
If you know your friends or family will be out on the town, offer to drop them off and pick them up. If a driving service like Uber or Lyft is in your area, sign up to get paid to drive. You’re sure to stay busy all night.

Call Legacy Treatment Center of Wilmington today if you are feeling like the stress of the holidays is going to compromise your sobriety. The counselors at our Wilmington drug and alcohol treatment center will be more than happy to offer solutions to help you avoid relapse and stay on track.

Take down your decorations.
Most people wait until New Year’s Day to take down the Christmas decorations, but you can get a head start and do it on New Year’s Eve. Spend all evening putting away the ornaments and lights, then celebrate at midnight that you’ve gotten it done early. Then you can spend New Year’s day relaxing or doing other things you enjoy.

Give back.
The spirit of giving shouldn’t end with Christmas. Start a new tradition of giving back on New Year’s so that you can begin this new chapter in a positive way. Local nursing homes would love to have someone spend time with their residents. If you prefer pets over people, an animal shelter could probably put you to work walking dogs or keeping the cats entertained. There may even be nonprofits hosting a year-end event such as a midnight food drive. Check with local organizations to see.

Go to a meeting.
If you attend support meetings, go to one on New Year’s Eve or Day if it’s available, or call your mentor. If you feel stressed about the holiday, chances are your peers are, too. You all can use extra support during this time. If there isn’t an organized meeting available, call up your trusted friends or family and ask if they will help you through with a little extra support.

Make plans for the next year.
If you recently became sober, then you have accomplished a big feat in the current year. Sit down and make a list of the things you want to do in the new year. Now that you don’t have addiction getting you down, you have the ability to do anything you want. Set goals for each month that will help you become a better person, reinforce your sobriety and give you something to look forward to in the coming year.

Stay home.
There’s nothing wrong with staying home and enjoying quiet time. You can read or watch movies or that TV show everyone is talking about. Get in your pajamas, make yourself some snacks and curl up on the couch. The year has probably been rough, so take some time to relax.

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Do you have a drinking problem? Don’t let it take over your life. You can get help at Legacy Freedom Treatment Center right here in Wilmington, NC. Our outpatient programs make it easy to get the help you need without having to miss out on the holidays, schoolwork, or your job. Call us today to find out how we’re different from other treatment centers. Our holistic approach means that we consider all aspects of your recovery, and our alternative therapies are different than the common ones you'll find elsewhere. Call our Wilmington drug and alcohol treatment center to speak with a caring admissions counselor. We’re here to help you get on the road to recovery.

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