Have a Sober Merry Christmas!

Wilmington alcohol rehab centerIf you’re in recovery you may think you won’t be able to enjoy the holidays as much without a drink in your hand. That doesn’t have to be the case. Some of your best Christmas memories are probably from when you were a kid. The holidays weren’t about going to parties and stumbling home, then waking up with an awful hangover. Christmas was about excitement over Santa, presents, and festive lights and decorations.

As an adult, there are things you may have to deal with like shopping, finances and family drama that you didn’t have to worry about when you were a child. You can try to make those stressors less relevant and try to get back to the innocent fun that Christmas used to be when you were a kid.

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips! Need an outpatient Wilmington alcohol rehab center for the holidays? Legacy can help! Call now for more information.

How to Have a Sober Merry Christmas

1. Don’t go to every event. Pick events that celebrate the season and spending time with family and friends. Avoid the parties that are centered around drinking and partying. Even if you feel strong in your recovery and don’t think that being around people who are indulging will affect you, it can still be difficult, especially if people encourage you to participate. It’s no fun spending all night turning down everyone’s offers.

2. When you do go to events where there will be drinking, bring another sober friend and your own non-alcoholic beverages. You’ll have two defenses working for you so you can try to enjoy the party without thinking about drinking. It may also be helpful to have a reason ready if someone asks why you don’t want a drink. Say you’re the designated driver, or tell them you’d rather indulge in the food rather than the drinks.

3. Plan things to do that don’t involve drinking. You don’t have to give up fun activities because you’re sober. Go on a tour of decorated houses in your city. Plan a cookie decorating and/or exchange party. Offer to help elderly neighbors, family members or friends with their decorations.

4. Don’t let the stress of family drama get to you. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in gossiping about what family members will or won’t do over the holidays. That type of negative talk, even if it seems harmless and fun at the time, leads to feelings of resentment and anger that can crop up later and lead to arguments.

5. Make time for yourself. When you’re in recovery, it’s important to take care of yourself, whether it’s through exercise, mediation, sports or indulging in a massage every month. Don’t forget to do the same during the holidays. Your schedule can fill up quickly so be sure to pencil in that special activity for yourself.

6. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a large family or a lot of friends to spend the holidays with, it can get lonely. Don’t let yourself become isolated. Try to plan activities with coworkers. See if you can volunteer at a nonprofit. Take a part-time job in retail. Don’t sit at home and let loneliness take over.

It is possible to have a happy and sober Christmas and New Year if you prepare ahead of time. The holidays come around each year, so the sooner you can learn to manage them without relying on your addiction, the more you can enjoy this time of year.

Legacy Freedom | Holistic Wilmington Alcohol Rehab Center

The stress of the holidays can make you want to turn to alcohol or drugs to cope. If it has become a problem you can no longer manage, call us to talk about our treatment options. At Legacy Freedom, we offer a unique approach to recovery from addiction. Our programs include alternative therapies you won’t find anywhere else. We assess your situation in order to come up with a plan that meets your needs.  Call us today to speak with an admissions counselor about how our Wilmington alcohol rehab center can help you.

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