An Intro to Sober Birthdays

columbus oh drug and alcohol treatment centerIf you're a recovering addict, planning a fun birthday that does not put your sobriety in danger can be stressful. This is especially true for those still getting help at a Columbus OH drug and alcohol treatment center, or those who are in their first few years of recovery.

The good news is that you do not have to worry. Today and tomorrow we're going to share several tips that will help you plan birthday celebrations that are fun, exciting, and will not put your sobriety at risk.

Today we will be covering how to plan your celebration, and then the next post will cover a few ideas for you to consider. Then we're going to wrap up the series with a few more ideas, like rope climbing and more. If you need a Columbus OH drug and alcohol treatment center that you can trust, call Legacy Freedom today. We can help you, and your family, with substance abuse problems.

Planning a Sober Birthday

If you're a recovering addict, we know you want to have to have a fun birthday and be able to celebrate with your friends and family without stressing out. If you have several weeks, or even if you only have a few days, you still have time to plan out something exciting. Making a personal sobriety action plan and organizing your get together is the first step.

In your plan, be sure to map out your schedule with all the activities. Try to include the times of these activities as this will help you stay on schedule. You can plan and design your own itinerary to mail out with your invites. As you're organizing, identify any activities that may include a relapse trigger. After all, you cannot control everything when you're going out in public so being aware of these potential dangers ahead of time will minimize your risks.

Be sure to also include your transportation options in your personal sobriety action plan. List out how you're getting to and from your destination as well as backup options in case you need to make an emergency exit to get away from temptation or other triggers. Bring along extra money so you can take a taxi or get an alternate ride if needed.

Guest List and Invites

 Columbus OH Drug and Alcohol Treatment CenterAs you're planning out your party you need to figure out who you are going to invite. Be sure to include all the people that support your sobriety. Do not invite the people that will tempt you to drink or do drugs. If there is someone that you love and care about suffering from addiction, they cannot attend your celebration. Minimizing every relapse opportunity should always be a top priority. If you know someone with substance abuse issues, please contact Legacy Freedom today. Ask about the affordable outpatient programs at our Columbus OH drug and alcohol treatment center.

When sending out your invites, try to give as much advance notice as possible, especially if you're planning a trip out of town. You should also be sure to include all the details such as date and time, any costs involved, dress attire if applicable, and any special instructions. If you're planning a trip and need RSVP's from your invitees, list out how to do so in easy-to-understand instructions. Also be sure to make sure everyone understands that it will be a drug and alcohol free event.

Do not get upset, angry, or confused if you get some declined reservations. Your first reaction may be to over-think it and this will stress you out. Do not get into a battle with negative thinking. Everyone, especially adults, has limited amounts of time. This is especially true for any friends with children or sick parents. You might also get a higher number of declined event invites if you wait until the last minute to send them out, or include the wrong contact information. Avoid this by not procrastinating on making decisions and knocking these tasks off your list quickly.

Eating and Drinking

During your birthday celebration, there will probably be some eating and drinking going on. If you're hosting the party at your home, at a friend's house, or eating out, plan accordingly. If you're going to a restaurant or other eatery, go to a family friendly one that does not even serve alcohol. If you're hosting at home, going to a BBQ, or having a picnic, then make sure the food and drink menus are planned out before time. Be sure to reinforce that it's a drug and alcohol free event. That means that there shouldn't even be any food or desserts made with alcohol. So if you're having a potluck dinner or lunch, just reinforce this fact.

If you're hitting up an amusement park, going on a long hike, or other all day activities, be sure to eat real food and try to keep a full belly. Not only will this keep you less stressed out, but it helps reduce temptations and triggers.

In the Next Part

Be sure to finish out the series by reading our next two posts. You'll find several of our favorite sober birthday party ideas. Most of these are great for any time of the year and people of all ages. Our next post is:

And tomorrow we will be publishing:

If you, a friend, or family member are suffering from an addiction issue, please keep reading to see how we can help.

Legacy Is a Columbus OH Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center for People of All Ages

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