More Sober Birthday Party Ideas

substance abuse treatment centers in columbus OHAre you sober and in recovery, but also have a birthday coming up? Are you confused as to what to do so that your sobriety stays in check? Don't stress, you've come to the right place for your sober birthday planning ideas.

If you're just now joining us, take a minute to back and read over part two of this series on sober things you can do on your birthday. We laid out some great ideas that included going to an amusement park, and more.

In today's second installment, we're going to discuss even more examples that you can use for a birthday party or any sober celebration. Did you know that Legacy Freedom is one of the top substance abuse treatment centers in Columbus OH? Please call us today to see how we can help your family with recovery from drugs and alcohol.

More Sober Birthday Party Tips

Rope Course Adventure or Zip-Line Tour

I'm always ready for a cool and fun adventure, and if it's outdoors then the idea is even more appealing. If you're celebrating a sober birthday during the spring, or one of the warmer months, take advantage and either conquer an adventure rope course or go zip-lining, or both! These activities add an extra dimension to your sober celebration because they're both very exhilarating. Your friends and family will love the thrills and excitement of being suspended several stories above the ground, or zipping through the trees. Both of these ideas are great for adrenaline seekers, or someone looking to do something out of the ordinary.

Laser Tag or Paint Ball

Another great idea for someone seeking an out of the ordinary sober birthday party idea is going on an outing for laser tag or paint ball. Don't worry about having your own equipment as most of the venues offering these activities should have gear included with your ticket price or for you to rent out.

Go Camping

As we move into the summer months, and then to the fall season, why not go on a camping trip? This is great for anyone wanting to ensure that there will be no alcohol around. Pick a local spot, or travel out of town, you control where you want to adventure. All you have to do is choose a weekend, your guest list, cooler of food, and grab your camping gear.

We hope these ideas that we've laid out in the last two posts will help you plan the perfect sober birthday activity for and your friends. If you need help with addiction problems, keep reading to see how Legacy helps.

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