Sneaky Depression Symptoms

Charlotte mental health care treatment Did you know that depression doesn't always manifest as debilitating sadness? Many people are struggling with a form of depression but don't know it is depression. The reason, depression can manifest with physical as well as emotional signs. This makes it difficult for people to see that they are having trouble and can make diagnosing the condition difficult. Here are some of the sneaky ways depression can manifest. For the best Charlotte mental health care treatment, call Legacy Freedom.

You Have a Quick Temper
If the slightest things seem to be setting you off, then you could be depressed. A study published in JAMA in 2013 found that 54% of people who had been diagnosed with depression reported feeling angry, argumentative, hostile, grumpy, and ill-tempered.

Your Drinking Has Increased
Nearly one-third of those who struggle with depression also have a drinking problem according to new research. While one drink may take the edge off a bad day, subsequent drinks can take negative behaviors and feelings to the next level.

You're Constantly in Pain
Chronic pain seems to occur in about 75% of people who are struggling with depression. Intense or disabling low back pain is prevalent among those are depressed. The reason could be that you are more tuned in to your pain. In a negative state, you tend to focus on what is wrong. This means headaches, stomachaches, and a higher sensitivity to pain overall could actually be caused by depression.

You Feel Numb
Zombie-like behavior is a hallmark of depression. If people are accusing you of seeming aloof, distant, or cold, you may be struggling. Depression has a way of making you push past the people that you rely on to give you love and support. It also zaps your drive to get up and go or do anything.

You're Indecisive
If your little everyday decisions are becoming a chore, depression may be to blame. On average, we make around 70 conscious choices per day. The cognitive processes in your brain are disrupted by depression and can make these small decisions seem overwhelming.

Your Sleep Schedule Is Off
Having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Are you sleeping past your alarm and beyond? Depression can make getting to sleep, staying asleep, or waking up difficult.

Your Personal Hygiene Suffers
Neglecting your physical well-being and appearance can be a sign of depression. Skipping showers or not brushing your teeth? A recent study found that 61% of those with poor oral health also had been diagnosed with depression.

You Just Can't Focus
Daydreaming your days away could be a sign of depression. When your mind is planted firmly in the moment, you are the happiest, researchers say. However, when your thoughts wander, you can become unhappy, anxious, and wistful.

Best Outpatient Charlotte Mental Health Care Treatment

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