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Slang Terms for Your Drug Rehab Columbus OH

Sometimes as a parent, you might not be up to speed with all the latest drug slang terms used by teens these days. We've done a lot of research to put this list together to give you an idea of what to listen out for. We want you to know that this glossary is by no means complete. We've divided the list up into separate posts to make it easier to read and understand. New drug slang terms are being created by teens all the time. Some terms will eventually become obsolete, while others will have local variations.

Some of the terms that we have listed are not related to the drugs themselves but actually refer to activities associated with them or the act of using.

  • Acid - LSD
  • Acid Head - LSD user
  • Back Flush - to wash out a syringe with blood
  • Bag - container for drugs, usually paper fold of heroin
  • Bang - to inject drugs into your veins.
  • Barrel - syringe
  • Base Head - crack cocaine user
  • Blanks - poor quality drugs
  • Blow - cannabis, cocaine, heroin
  • Bombed - under the influence of drugs
  • Brown Sugar - heroin
  • Bum Trip/Bummer - no good, unpleasant
  • Burn - a rip off or fraud
  • Bust - to execute a search warrant
  • Buzz - pleasurable sensation or high from drugs
  • C - Cocaine
  • Carrier - supplier of drugs; usually someone who delivers drugs for someone else
  • Charlie - cocaine
  • Chasing the dragon - smoking heroin
  • Clean - to achieve drug free state
  • Coke -cocaine
  • Cold Turkey - withdrawal from drugs, usually without medical help
  • Come down - withdrawal effects
  • Come off - stop taking drugs
  • Cook up - prepare drugs for injection
  • Crack - cocaine in a form for smoking
  • Crash/Crash out - to pass out, to go to sleep
  • Cut - dilute powdered drug by adding an inert substance to increase bulk
  • DS - drug squad
  • Dabble - using small irregular amounts of drugs in a non-dependent manner
  • Deal - buy or sell drugs; name for the purchased drugs
  • Dealer - seller of drugs
  • Detox - coming off drugs
  • DFs - DF118 (Dihydrocodeine tablets)
  • Dope - a drug, specifically cannabis, or in some areas heroin
  • Dragon - heroin
  • Draw - to smoke a drug by chasing, especially heroin
  • Drop - take LSD
  • Drying out – detox from drugs, usually alcohol
  • E - Ecstasy
  • Ecstasy -MDMA
  • ESB - Ecstasy
  • Fix - injection or using drugs
  • Flake out - to lose consciousness
  • Flints - small container of crack cocaine rocks
  • Flushing - drawing blood back into syringe or cleaning syringe with needle
  • Fold - small paper fold containing deal of a drug, usually heroin
  • Freak Out - psychedelic experience, used loosely to mean a wild time
  • Free Basing - method of smoking cocaine

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