The Skinny on 420

greensboro NC drug and alcohol treatment centerApril 20th or, as it's now referred to, 420, is a day that pot smokers around the world celebrate. Even those who have never smoked marijuana or do not currently use the drug know about this day. Every time this day rolls around, people talk about it.

However, most have no idea where this day actually got it name or origins. If you're looking for a Greensboro NC drug and alcohol treatment center that you can trust, be sure to call Legacy Freedom.

There has been lots of speculation as to how this started and why it's referred to as 420. Some people claim that 420 is the code police officers use when they come in contact with someone currently smoking marijuana. Others believe that this is a tribute to Bob Dylan's song Rainy Day Woman and the numbers within it multiplied. Adolf Hitler's birthday is given as another possible reason. There are even rumors that claim there are 420 active chemicals in marijuana.

The most credible story comes from a group of friends from California and includes the band the Grateful Dead. In 1971, students at a high school in California decided to meet on campus at 4:20 on April 20th to smoke the drug. They met outside at a nearby statue in the campus yard. Their code to meet eventually just became 420. One of the group members that met on that campus lawn to smoke marijuana knew Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh though his dad who worked in real estate. After a while, they became friends. The band began using this nickname for smoking marijuana.

Fast forward to 1990 and you'll find a history of  Deadheads (followers of the Grateful Dead) making up flyers to invite people to smoke "420" on April 20 at 4:20 PM. This happened after years of the band referring to their use of marijuana as 420.

The group that has come up with coining 420 has always called themselves the Waldos. This is mainly due to the fact that they always stood against the wall while smoking marijuana on campus. Eventually, they started driving places to smoke instead of doing so on campus.

Now, 420 is celebrated all over the world. The Waldos never realized this might happen. They were just a group of friends who enjoyed smoking, despite the fact that the act was illegal. However, today they are concerned with how involved this day has become. They often talk in interviews about how they don’t condone kids trying marijuana or actively partaking in the so-called holiday. In fact, many people are bringing awareness to the reasons why not to smoke marijuana, especially on 4/20. Parents of students in California are working together to encourage kids not to participate in this activity. They are also encouraging students to encourage their friends to abstain.

To learn more about this pot smoker's holiday, be sure to visit back with our next blog post. We will have more details about why this day exists and how it came about. For more information about Greensboro NC drug and alcohol treatment center, call Legacy Freedom.

Smoking marijuana is often thought of as a recreational activity that won't cause an addiction. However, that is not true. Scientific proof shows that use of this drug will alter the brain's chemicals and cause a dependency, if only just a physical addiction. Many drugs actually cause a chemical dependency, but that doesn't mean you can't also become addicted physically.

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