Why Single Parents Should Seek Addiction Treatment

Drug Rehabilitation in Raleigh NCAddiction can affect anyone, including people with children. Any parent can face more daily stress from the struggles of raising children, but when a parent is doing it alone, it can be even more difficult. Single parents who think they may have an addiction problem need to get treatment as soon as possible, for the sake of themselves as well as their children. At Legacy Freedom, we specialize in helping single parents with drug rehabilitation in Raleigh NC. Keep reading to learn more.


Single Parents and Addiction Treatment

Single parents can be at a higher risk for addiction because of the added stress of being a parent and not having the support of a partner. Being able to rely on another person emotionally and financially in order to meet the basic needs of your children can help when it comes to raising kids. Single parents have to play the role of two people as well as provide financially, which can lead to major stress. If he or she doesn’t have another support system in place, such as family or friends who can help out, it can lead to feelings of isolation.

In most cases, children who live with one parent are with their mother, although there are a few cases where the father is the sole caregiver. Women tend to be single parents more often, and often struggle more than their male counterparts. Single female parents have to provide financially, emotionally as well as keep up with meeting a child’s basic needs in addition to keeping a healthy home environment. Not only must a single mom make sure all of those responsibilities are taken care of, she also has to work, and many times it requires more than one job in order to make ends meet. It can be a lot of stress for one person to endure.

At Legacy Freedom Treatment Center of Raleigh, we know that the struggles of each person are different, so we offer many options for recovery. We also offer outpatient programs for drug rehabilitation in Raleigh NC, so you do not have to stop working or give up your other responsibilities in order to get the help you need. Keep reading to learn more about how addiction affects single parents, and then give us a call to get help today.

How does addiction start for single parents?

After a hard day of working and taking care of kids, it’s understandable that a single mom may want to unwind with a glass of wine or a mixed drink. But when those casual drinks start occurring more often and turn into a whole bottle in one evening, it could be evolving into an addiction problem.

Some people turn to drugs in order to get through the day. Some may take pills in order to stay focused and awake, then take more in order to fall asleep at night. Some may even use illegal drugs such as cocaine in order to function during the day, or may use a drug like heroin or meth in order to relax at the end of the night. Not only is it harmful to the person taking it, it is extremely dangerous for these drugs to be in a household with children. Not only that, purchasing the drugs can put the single parent and his or her kids in danger as well.

Addiction for many single parents can start as a way to cope with the stress in their daily lives, but if it is not monitored, it can lead to full blown addiction.

Why is it important for a single parent to get help?

Drug Rehabilitation in Raleigh NCThe impact of a parent’s addiction reaches far beyond what you may think. While some parents may think they are keeping it a secret from their children, kids are perceptive and may know more than you think. If your addiction is obvious and causes you to act in negative ways towards them, then obviously it is causing them harm. Your behavior can shape their views of adults and how they handle stress in the future.

If a single parent’s problem becomes out of hand, the children are often left to fend for themselves. A child may have to “grow up” too soon and become the caretaker for their parent or younger siblings. In addition, your addiction could lead to your child developing an addiction problem later in life.

Some parents who drink may become angry or violent and lash out at their children, either verbally or physically.

Parents struggling with addiction also risk losing their children if they are not able to take care of them. The children could end up being put into foster care by social services.

How does a single parent get help?

Getting help for addiction can be hard for anyone, but a single parent may feel additional pressure. There are many factors that can keep someone from getting the help she needs, including:

Stigma: No one wants to admit they have an addiction problem. A parent can feel even more embarrassment about it because she may think she is a bad person or an unfit parent. However, recognizing that she has a problem and wanting to get help is a sign that she wants to better herself for the sake of her kids, so it should be seen as a positive situation.

Cost: A single parent may not have the extra money to pay for an addiction treatment program. There are programs that allow payments to be made, and there are also government programs that give low income people the opportunity to seek help.

Childcare: People think that treatment programs must be inpatient in order to work, but that’s not the case. There are many outpatient programs that can be successful and allow a person to continue to work and care for their family while they gets help. It can be difficult to continue dealing with the responsibilities of being the sole caregiver for a family while getting addiction help, so if a person is able to get support from family or friends, it can ease the burden.

It is important for anyone who is struggling with addiction to get help, but someone with children should want to overcome their problem not only for themselves but for her family.

Affordable and Dependable Drug Rehabilitation in Raleigh NC | Legacy Freedom

Would you like to learn more about drug rehabilitation in Raleigh NC? Give us a call at Legacy Freedom of Raleigh. We have admissions counselors who can answer your questions about addiction and treatment programs. We offer customized treatment plans that meet your recovery needs. We know that the programs that benefit someone else may not work for you, especially if you work in the medical field. You won’t find a more comprehensive rehab program in North Carolina. Call us today to learn more.

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