Signs Of An Addictive Personality

Columbus OH drug rehabA lot of people get confused when they hear someone say "addictive personality". Many associate having an addictive personality with heavy drug or alcohol use, but this personality trait can go much deeper than just substance abuse problems. However, being able to identify the signs of having an addictive personality in a person is one of the key elements in preventing that person from developing substance abuse problems in the future.

The symptoms of having addictive personality traits vary. These traits can overlap with other mental disorders, like OCD, anxiety, depression, and even borderline personality disorder. Because of how these disorders overlap one another, researchers feel that people who are predisposed to mental health problems, and environmental stressors are at a greater risk of developing addiction problems than their peers. If you or someone care about has an addiction problem, maybe our holistic facility for Columbus OH drug rehab can help. Call Legacy Freedom today and ask us about our outpatient, alternative treatment plans.

Addictive Personality Disorder - What Is It?

When it comes to defining what exactly addictive personality disorder is, there really is no clear answer. What we can tell you is that a person with an addictive personality disorder will frequently act on their impulses, or their OCD, especially when it comes to their own vices. A lot of these people also can be thrill seekers and enjoy the adrenaline rush of their risky behavior.

Having an addictive personality can show as being a workaholic, being obsessed with fitness and going to the gym, drinking coffee all day, and even smoking cigarettes. You'll also find people with addictive personality disorders that have problems with eating too much food, or no food at all, gambling, and substance abuse problems with drugs and alcohol. Typically, individuals that suffer from an addictive personality disorder will also be antisocial because they are insecure, paranoid, and highly anxious as well.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of having an Addictive Personality Disorder:

  • Antisocial and insecure
  • Thrill-Seeking behaviors
  • Impulsive and compulsive┬ábehaviors
  • Abandonment issues
  • Suffers from paranoia, anxiety, and depression
  • Always in codependent relationships

How Do You Treat Someone With Addictive Personality Disorder?

At our outpatient Columbus OH drug rehab facility, we treat people with an addictive personality disorder using holistic and alternative treatment programs. We find that using alternative behavioral therapy is better for their overall health and well being than using drugs and other addictive substances. We teach those with an addictive personality disorder how to develop proactive and positive coping strategies so that they can deal with life's problems in ways that are not destructive to their own health, or other people's health and property.

Customized Columbus OH Drug Rehab

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