Signs Your College Student Could Be Abusing

drug rehab in AshevilleSending our kids off to college is exciting and worrisome, all at the same time. You're happy they're growing up and continuing their education. You're anxious about the things they'll experience while living away from home. There are many different things they'll encounter while being at college. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol are among them.

It's every parent's worst nightmare to think that their kids are off drinking or doing drugs. The reality is that this is very possible. As we've been talking about over the course of the past few blog posts, college students have a tendency to partake in drugs and alcohol while away at school.

If you have a college student that doesn't seem quite right, it's possible that they're using drugs or alcohol while away at school. This behavior is dangerous, so it's important to educate yourselves on the signs and symptoms so you'll be able to identify the behavior and get them the help they need to recover.

Changes in sleeping patterns

Significant weight gain or loss - Though the freshman 15 is common, students that gain more than that or lose a great deal of weight while away might have a problem.

Acting withdrawn or secretive - They'll likely never want you to visit them. They'll always come home to see you and other family. They also refuse to tell you about their daily lifestyle at college. They'll want to keep everything they do a secret.

Significant change in academic performance - If your smart, academically gifted teen is showing a significant drop in their grades, this can be cause for worry. While it's normal for them to drop a little in performance due to the transitional period of moving away from home, it shouldn't be very significant.

Unexplained personality changes - If they go from being shy to super outgoing or vice versa, this might be a sign they're using drugs or alcohol.

Behavior changes, including depression, irritability or mood swings - This can be a serious red flag. Many kids that go off to college thrive without depression or mood issues. If you find your child is showing these signs, consider having a talk with them.

Financial Issues - If they're always asking for money but refuse to tell you where it's all going, consider this as a warning sign, as well. You'll be surprised at just how much money they might be spending on drugs or alcohol.

Alternative Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Asheville - Legacy Freedom

If you're worried that your teen is showing signs of using drugs or alcohol it's time to sit down and have a conversation with them. Expressing your concern could be the one thing that helps them understand how dangerous this behavior is. Don't judge their actions, just offer them the help they need.

Talk with them about Legacy Freedom's alternative programs for alcohol and drug rehab in Asheville. They can attend school or work while getting the help they need to recover from substance abuse. For more information, contact Legacy Freedom of Asheville.

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