What Is “Shatter”?

drug rehabilitation in Raleigh NCAlso known as butane hash oil, shatter is the term used to describe a strong type of cannabis concentrate. Butane hash oil (BHO) is created by using a liquid gas called butane to extract terpenes and cannabinoids from marijuana. Typically amber in color, shatter gets its name from the glass-like texture of the BHO that is then broken up and used. The smooth texture of shatter results from the plant liquid that is not agitated while it is heated. One of the biggest misconceptions of shatter is that the more translucent the product is, the purer it is. If you need affordable drug rehabilitation in Raleigh NC with a holistic touch, call Legacy of Raleigh now.

BHO was originally the result of backyard chemists experimenting to create the product. These makeshift operations not only produced dangerous and fatal explosions but they also created a potentially lethal form of shatter that contained excess amounts of butane. The excess butane remained in the shatter as a result of the oil not being heated long enough to remove all the butane necessary to make the concentrate. Concentrates like shatter can contain between 30 and 90% THC, while the marijuana flower includes 3 to 30% THC. The likelihood of a marijuana overdose is unlikely. However, there is the possibility of adverse side effects when high doses of THC are consumed. Specific regulations in the states where marijuana has been legalized have made the use of shatter much safer. Edibles that are made with shatter can contain high concentrations of THC which can cause a form of short term poisoning when bound with oils and butter to create these products.

Most commonly, shatter is used by heating a glass bong or nail with a butane torch. The user then inhales the vapors to achieve their high. Due to the way that shatter is used, it has become known as the crack of marijuana. Once the user has inhaled the vapors from the shatter, they can experience mood impacts like increased anxiety or panic. Users also have difficulty concentrating, decreased coordination, and an inability to remember things. Other side effects that users of shatter may experience include:

  • Sore Throat
  • Narrowing of the Air Ways or Bronchial Spasms
  • Elevated Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Weakened Immune Systems
  • Bloodshot Eyes

The side effects of shatter are very similar to those of marijuana, but due to the concentrated levels of terpenes and cannabinoids in shatter, they can be more intense. Heavy shatter users are introducing THC into their brains. THC mimics a naturally occurring chemical in the brain called anandamide. The similarity in the structure is recognized by the brain and alters the regular brain communication. Chronic shatter users reduce their brain's production of anandamide which can cause serious side effects. Regular use of THC can change the functions of the brain that impact the way users shift their focus from one task to another, learn new information, and create new memories. If you have a THC addiction call Legacy Freedom. Ask about our holistic options for drug rehabilitation in Raleigh NC.

When someone decides to stop using shatter, they may experience withdrawal due to the large percentage of THC that is present in the drug. During the detox process, shatter users can expect to experience feelings of anxiousness, fear, excitement, tension, irritability, confusion, and sleep disturbances. At Legacy Freedom, we know that choosing to stop using drugs is a difficult decision. Making the transition from regularly using to a sober and healthy lifestyle requires significant life changes. Our holistic approach to substance addiction puts you at the center of focus, not your addiction.

Best 2018 Drug Rehabilitation in Raleigh NC

By combining traditional talk therapy with alternative treatment methods for drug rehabilitation in Raleigh NC, our staff is able to create a customized approach to your addiction recovery. Each Legacy Freedom client is paired with a Life-Purpose Coach to help them identify the underlying passions and motivations that have been overpowered by your addiction. With your therapist, you will uncover the underlying causes of your addiction and learn why you use. Many addicts turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with a history of physical, emotional, or mental abuse. Other common triggers for substance abuse include untreated or undiagnosed mental illness and low self-esteem. Once the cause of your addiction is identified, our staff will work with you to replace this negative coping mechanism with healthy and positive ways to cope.

With more than ten alternative treatment methods to choose from, each client is empowered to decide how they heal and how they learn to cope. Equine-assisted therapy, tai chi, and EMDR therapy are used to confront these negative thoughts and feelings and move you towards dealing healthily and positively. During your time at Legacy Freedom, you will have the opportunity to seek advice from our staff dietician and physical therapist. Healing the physical damage from your addiction and learning to live a healthy and chemical free lifestyle is a significant change. We believe that when you feel good, you make good choices.

Getting started with quality addiction recovery care from Legacy Freedom is easy. Call or click to connect with our care specialists and begin your journey to living addiction free today with drug rehabilitation in Raleigh NC you can depend on!

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