How Sexual Abuse Contributes To Substance Abuse

Drug Rehab In Columbus OHAs we've stated many times in the past, we feel that addiction and substance abuse disorder is a choice. We either choose to engage in risky behavior or we play it safe. However, there is strong research that shows that there are some driving factors behind these choices. Traumatic experiences and episodes are to be included in these driving forces, especially when the abuse is sexual in nature and it happens during the childhood years. It is something we've been talking about over the course of the last few posts. You'll be able to find the links to these posts at the bottom of the page. Today, we'll be discussing this even further and taking a deeper dive. If you're in need of drug rehab in Columbus OH that you can depend on, please call Legacy Freedom. We can help you break the chains of addiction.

Does Sexual Abuse Really Contribute To Substance Abuse?

The research says that childhood sexual abuse really can contribute to making the choice to abuse drugs or alcohol. Studies from the National Institute on Drug Abuse have shown that women especially have a higher risk rate if they've experienced some form of sexual abuse as a child. In fact, they're three times more likely to develop an addiction. Furthermore, addiction and substance abuse disorder were found to stem more from sexual abuse than most other forms of mental disorders.

To learn more about the links between sexual abuse and substance abuse, please visit back with the other posts from this series. You can find them linked below.

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Holistic Outpatient Drug Rehab in Columbus OH - Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers

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