Finding Your Sense of Adventure, continued

columbus oh drug and alcohol treatment centerWelcome back readers! Thanks for joining us for our second installment on getting your sense adventure back for a more exciting life. If you're just now getting back to our blog, you might have missed the first part of this series. Go back and read part one of finding your sense of adventure by clicking here.

To recap, part one talked about how to define your sense of adventure and why overcoming your fears can provide a much needed spark to make your life more exciting. In part two, we're going to give you a few more tidbits that should help you lead a super-fun and adventurous life. If you need a Columbus OH drug and alcohol treatment center that you can trust, call Legacy Freedom today. We can help you, and your family with substance abuse problems.

Getting Your Adventure Back

Being Around Adventurous People
One way to regain your sense of adventure is by being around people who love to explore and do exciting things. Just face it, if you spend your life with lots of boring people, you're going to end up doing mostly boring activities. If you were to hang around with people that support your sobriety, yet are willing to push the limits (so to speak) then you might find yourself taking part in one adventure after another.

If you want to meet more exciting people, we suggest that you join the city rec league for sports, or find a hobby that excites you and find a local club, join a gym, or start taking some extra classes that interest you.

Everyday Can Be Filled With Mini Adventures

Did you know that every day can be adventure? That's if you want it to be. Being adventurous doesn't mean you have to travel to far away places, or have to be in a fight or flight situation. You can have all of this by mixing up a few things you do each day, as well as altering your weekly routines.

For instance, do you always take the same route to work each morning? Why not switch it up and take a different route each day, that way you're seeing new things and experiencing different traffic patterns. Might not sound like much, but some of my work commutes have turned into adventures whether I was ready for it or not. Simply shopping at a new grocery store can also be a simple adventure. See, there are many things that you can change up that will give you a more exciting life.

We hope the ideas that we've laid out for you in the last two entries will help you regain your adventurous side. Of course, there are many more tips that can help, and we will list these in future posts. So be sure to come back soon for more great life and sobriety tips.

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