Self-Medicating Increases the Risk of Substance Abuse

Are you using drugs or alcohol on a regular basis to cope with unwanted feelings, stress, and anxiety? Are you a social-phobic? Can you not go out in public without first lubricating your personality to "deal with people"? If you associate yourself with any of these habits or traits, then you are doing what is commonly referred to as self-medicating. People do this to avoid seeking formal, legal treatment options as well as use it as an excuse to abuse drugs and alcohol. Regularly participating in these practices will greatly increase your risk of developing a substance abuse problem. If you, or someone you love and care about, is self-medicating take a stand and get them the help you all deserve. Get your loved one back by calling Legacy Freedom today. We offer a world class outpatient facility with holistic drug rehab in Columbus OH, Charlotte NC and Raleigh NC. Click here to get admitted.

According to a new study by a Canadian team of researchers, led by Jennifer Robinson, data was collected through surveys from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol abuse. They measured the occurrence of substance use disorders in individuals with anxiety disorders, and new anxiety disorders in people with substance use disorders. 34,653 U.S. adults completed the survey. These participants were then separated into three categories. These included no self-medication, self-medication with alcohol only, or self-medication with drugs (with or without the use of alcohol was also noted).Drug Rehab in Columbus OH

This study showed that about 12% of the participants that self-medicated with alcohol for anxiety disorders also later developed alcohol abuse disorder compared to only 4.7% of the participants that did not self-medicate. Some participants already suffered from alcohol abuse and about 6% of them suffered from anxiety disorders. This is compared to the 10% that were diagnosed with anxiety disorders but only self medicated with alcohol. 8% of the participants self-medicated with other drugs for panic disorders and upwards of 13% reported self-medicating for other specific phobias.

Almost 7% of new social phobias correlated with self-medication with alcohol and over 20% was attributable to self-medicating with other drugs. 12.5% reported self-medicating with alcohol and 24.4% with other drugs during the prior year. 23.3% who self-medicated with alcohol and 32.7% with drugs had diagnosable substance abuse disorders. The study's authors also found that participants with pre-existing anxiety and alcohol or drug abuse reported their self-medication was associated with the persistence of alcohol and drug use, but not anxiety.

The authors concluded that “given the high percentage of incident substance use disorders and social phobia that can be attributed to self-medication, the reduction of self-medicating behavior may lead to a significant decrease in incident comorbidity in the general population,” and that the results of the study "not only clarify several pathways that may lead to the development of comorbidity but also indicate at-risk populations and suggest potential points of intervention in the treatment of comorbidity.”

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