Self Help and Care Tips for the New Year

alcohol rehab in greensboro NCAre you known for never taking time for yourself? Do you constantly put work and others before your own wellbeing? If so, it's time to learn how to take care of yourself. Over the course of the next several blog posts we will offer tips that will help you with self help and care. It's time to make your overall health and happiness a priority!

Below, you'll find tips that help ensure that's possible. If you have a loved who is drinking too much, call Legacy. We offer the best alcohol rehab in Greensboro NC.

Self Help and Care Tips for the New Year
  • Take a weekend road trip into a new town.
  • Take an hour once a week to do something new, alone. Visit an art gallery, museum or the library.
  • Take one hour each evening to unplug. That means no Internet, phones or television. Read a book, go for a walk or cook. Taking the time to unplug will help you relax and keep you from being tense over the next day's to do list.
  • Take time to jot down compliments you get in a journal, each day. Anytime you receive words of encouragement and compliment, document them. Then, anytime you feel rundown take time to read them.
  • Take time to weed out negative people in your social media feeds. Whether you delete or unfriend them or just hide them from your newsfeed, don't feel bad about doing so. Surround yourself with only positivity.
  • Take up running or walking for at least 30 minutes each day. If you have stairs in your home, consider walking up and down them three times daily.
  • Take up yoga or some other form of workout that helps you relax and exercise at the same time.
  • Think about something you really get excited about. Use that energy for good today.
  • Take time to speak with your cashier at the grocery store or barista at the coffee shop. Wish them a lovely day.
  • Try not to make any irrational decisions. Think about everything before you do it.
  • Try to read something funny each and every day. Whether it's the comic strips in the newspaper or a joke book, make it a point to laugh!
  • Whether you walk or bike to work, talk to a stranger at the grocery store or offer to volunteer, get out of your comfort zone and do something every couple of weeks that you don't normally do.
  • Write down everything that is bothering you. Keep the notes until the end of the day and then throw them away. The symbolic gesture will help you let go of whatever it is that is frustrating you.

Remember, we are just getting started on tips that can help you with self care. Be sure to join us again soon to learn even more ways to focus on your wellbeing!

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