Self Help and Care Tips for the New Year, Continued

greensboro NC alcohol rehab centerTaking care of yourself is important. We can easily run ourselves down trying to keep up with life. Whether it's work, family or a combination of both, we tend to forget about our self care. That doesn't mean you can't start considering your wellbeing.

This new year, consider the following ways to provide self help and care. Don't be ashamed of taking time for yourself or adding in a few healthy routines. If you, or a loved one, have a drinking problem, please call Legacy Freedom. We're the best Greensboro NC alcohol rehab center.

Tips For Self Care And Help During The New Year

  • Drink an extra glass of water each day. Also, try to eat more veggies with every meal.
  • Begin each morning by smelling peppermint or citrus. It's very upbeat and motivational.
  • Each morning when you wake up, take time to stretch. This can help you work out any stress knots and also help prevent them.
  • Even in cold temperatures try to spend at least 15 minutes out in the sun every day. Be sure you apply sunscreen and sit directly in the sunlight.
  • Every morning or every evening, put your favorite song on and dance like you're a professional for at least five minutes.
  • Forgive yourself when it's needed. Never hold a grudge over something you've done.
  • Go to bed one hour early each night. Wake up at least 30 minutes earlier each morning.
  • Have dessert at least once a week.
  • Help a neighbor carry in the groceries or open the door for someone who needs help.
  • If you need help, ask for it. Don't ever think that no one is available to help you.
  • Don't be hard on yourself. Be gentle with your thoughts, even though you're worried about why you're having them.
  • Mix up your daily routine so that nothing seems monotonous. Take a different way to work, eat something new for breakfast or choose a different flavor coffee for the day. Mixing things up will help new neural pathways develop in the brain. It's a great way to keep it healthy and you happy.
  • Join a book club. This once a month opportunity will help you connect with new people and read good literature.
  • Lie back and watch the clouds in the sky for at least an hour. There's no better way to relax.
  • Look for at least five beautiful things on your way to work. Try to do this each and every day.
  • Make sure your home is always clean and organized.
  • Make sure your vitamin intake is where it should be. If it's not, work with the doctor to supplement when needed.

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Ready to take care of yourself in 2017? We hope these ideas help you get on the right path! Need more tips? Stay tuned!

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