The Secrets to Breaking Your Addiction Habits

Drug Rehabilitation in Wilmington NCWhether your addiction is alcohol, drugs, shopping, or sex, breaking your addictive habits is hard. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated that 23 million Americans suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. This number does not include the other addictions like gambling, video games or food. When looking to break their addictive habits, many people make the mistake of swapping one bad habit for another, creating a whole new type of addiction. We see this all the time at our center for drug rehabilitation in Wilmington NC.

Addiction replacement is a common overcompensation made by addicts who are trying to break another addiction. The result is a continuous cycle of addictions that need to be fed over and over. The addict never learns the root cause of their addiction or how to manage the feelings that are creating the problem in the first place. Getting to the root of the addiction and breaking the habits associated with the addiction is the only way to stop the addiction replacement cycle entirely. At Legacy Freedom, we utilize a holistic approach to substance abuse and addiction treatment which eliminates the addiction replacement cycle. How? By teaching you the coping skills you need to live a healthy and sober lifestyle.

What is a holistic approach?

Discovering the reason for your addiction and addressing the root of the issue helps you break the addictive cycle. This is the holistic approach. At Legacy Freedom we do not just treat your substance addiction, we treat the whole person. Healing your mind, body and spirit allows you to make the change from addict to a purpose-filled, hopeful person; healthy in mind, body and spirit. Together with your Life-Purpose coach you will rediscover yourself, your passions and your purpose. Call today to learn more about our holistic drug rehabilitation in Wilmington NC.

By utilizing our extensive staff of dieticians, therapists, and clinicians, we can help you create a customized treatment plan that is focused entirely on you. If group therapy makes you uncomfortable, choose to work one-on-one with your therapist to work through your journey to sobriety. Addiction can take its toll on your physical well-being. Our team of physical therapists and dieticians will help you get your health back on track through exercise and diet. Alternative therapies are available at Legacy Freedom as well. Designed to challenge, empower and focus your energies on healthy, sober choices our alternative therapies offer you a chance to explore new activities as a part of your healing process. Adventure therapy, acupuncture, tai chi, yoga, EMDR therapy, equine assisted therapy and more are available to you.

Working on breaking your bad habits requires willpower and support. Making big life changes also forces you to look at the way you're living and the people who are involved in your life. The staff at Legacy Freedom has compiled their list of tips and tricks for helping you break your addictive behaviors:

  • You don't need to reinvent yourself. You just need to keep it simple. So many times people make the assumption that if they don't want to be an addict, they have to become an entirely different person. While developing new interests and making new friends who are not involved with the substances or activities that you abuse is important, you don't have to stop being yourself. Instead, break it down and make it simple. By working with your therapist at Legacy Freedom, you can identify the root cause of your addiction and begin to assess how that affects your life as a whole. Maybe you have been living with ADHD and didn't know that you were drinking to compensate for the way you felt, or maybe you are struggling with the painful memory of childhood abuse and have turned to pills to cope. Whatever the reason, getting to the root of your addiction and rediscovering who you are underneath the addiction is the first step towards breaking those bad habits for good.
  • Avoid temptation. Know what situations trigger your need to use or engage in your addictive behavior. An honest assessment of the situation surrounding your addictive behaviors will usually tell you where the problems lie. If you consistently overspend when you go shopping alone, don't shop alone. Does hanging out with a particular friend make you drink more? It might be time to reconsider your friendship. Are you staying up late after your spouse goes to bed to cruise for sex online? Go to bed with your spouse instead. Avoid the situations that trigger your bad habits, and it will become easier to break them and avoid the behaviors associated with them.
  • Get inspired by those around you. Have a friend or colleague you admire? Need to expand your circle to include people who are living the way you want to? Reaching out to ask for someone to mentor you as you recover can be scary. If you are someone who believes that there is strength in numbers then creating a support network for yourself of like-minded people is a great way to overcome your bad habits. Legacy Freedom offers our patients the ability to participate in group therapy sessions as well as one-on-one therapy time. We also offer family and friend days to include your family in your recovery process.
  • Track your progress. While the changes may not be gigantic or easy to see, slow and steady wins the race. Cutting up your credit cards and letting someone else manage your finances while you deal with your shopping addiction are steps in the right direction. Joining a gym and working out instead of hanging at the bar or cooking at home rather than going out to the buffet are healthier choices that will have significant results. Choose for yourself how you want to manage your progress. Do you track the number of days since you overspent or do you track the decrease in your credit card balance? Maybe you track pounds lost or a number of workouts. Whatever you choose, hold yourself accountable and track your progress. When it seems like you're not getting anywhere, look at how far you've come. Some people find journaling about their journey helpful so that they can go back and revisit their feelings and thoughts from before to see how things have changed.

Making the decision to stop allowing your bad habits and your addictions to control your life can be difficult. Often asking for help is the part that people struggle with most. At Legacy Freedom of Wilmington, we are here to help, not to judge. We believe in your success and our holistic approach to substance abuse and addiction. Together we can break the cycle of abuse and addiction and set you on a path filled with sobriety and purpose. Call or click to connect with Legacy Freedom today and begin to heal.

Holistic Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation in Wilmington NC

If you’re considering getting treatment for a drug problem this summer, give us a call at Legacy Freedom Treatment Center in Wilmington, NC. There is no reason to be afraid to get help. Our caring admissions counselors can answer any questions you may have about our facility. We offer outpatient programs designed to let you continue to work and meet family obligations. Call us today to discuss the many treatment options we offer for outpatient drug rehabilitation in Wilmington NC. We have alternative therapies not found in other facilities that allow us to offer you an individualized program. Call today and get started.

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