Ensuring a Safe and Sober Grad Night for Your Teen! continued

drug and alcohol rehab in Greensboro NCAs parents, it's our job is to keep our children safe. This includes making sure they have the means to be safe and sober on grad night. Graduating from high school is the most exciting time. It calls for a celebration among friends and family. However, many grad nights end in tragedy when alcohol and drugs are involved.

Below, you will find several tips that will help you, as a parent, keep your kids safe after graduation. Sometimes, all it takes is a few long talks about their options and how they should refrain from using drugs or alcohol during this time. If your teen needs drug and alcohol rehab in Greensboro NC, call Legacy Freedom for help.

  • Talk with your teen about scenarios that might happen when drugs and alcohol are involved. Help them understand what can happen if they choose to partake in drinking or using drugs. Also talk about what might happen if they get in a car with someone who has been using.
  • Remind them to always wear their seatbelt. Many accidents happen on grad night, even without drug or alcohol use. Fatal accidents can be avoided in situations where a seatbelt is worn.
  • Work with your teen on transportation plans. Of course, you are willing to pick them up at a moment's notice when they're in need. However, the idea of their parents picking them up from the party might not be the most exciting option. If this is the case, arrange for an aunt or uncle, older sibling, or close friend to offer them a ride when they need emergency transportation.
  • Having a plan for the entire evening not only for transportation, but also what they're doing, when they're going to check in and how they're going to deal with peer pressure is important. Parents can help teens throughout the night more than they realize. Make a plan that constantly reminds them to make good choices as well as stay sober and safe.

One of the best ways to ensure your teen is safe this grad night is to offer them a place to stay sober and have fun. Sober Grad Night is an actual organization that helps parents and teens celebrate their high school graduation without any risk of drugs or alcohol use.

In our next blog post, we will talk about what sober Grad Night is, why it's important, and how you can start this organization at your teen's high school.

Stay tuned and be sure to visit our previous blog post as well to learn more about how you can educate your kids on staying sober for grad night.

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