SAD Can Trigger Drug and Alcohol Addiction

 Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Charlotte NC can help you overcome SAD.

As we entered into winter a few months back, our drug and alcohol treatment center in Charlotte NC  talked about SAD, or what most people call the “winter blues."  Just as many believe that the winter blues aren’t an actual reality, they also don’t realize that SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, can strike at the beginning of any type of season, cold or warm. Today’s post is going to focus on the effects of SAD in warm weather. Alcohol and drug abuse is a serious condition all on its own. That condition can intensify and multiply during certain times of the year. The weather can actually affect substance abuse patterns, as well as the risks. Weather can influence addictive behavior and lead addicts into these influences. When the weather does motivate increased substance abuse, the possible risks seriously increase.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Charlotte NC | Warm Weather and Addiction

Warm spring and summer months are connected with more positive vibes than winter, but they can also raise substance abuse levels in several ways, according to

  •  Increased stress from family vacations or having children at home on summer break
  • Party-friendly observances like Independence Day, Labor Day and Memorial Day
  • College students engaging in alcohol and drug excess during spring break
  • Greater access to illicit drugs as the weather allows for easier transportation

Though the risks for addicts of drugs and alcohol are already high, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported more than 40,000 drug-induced and 26,000 alcohol-induced deaths in 2011, alone. By comparison motor vehicle accidents accounted for less than 35,000 deaths. For many drugs, weather patterns increase the health risks in various manners, including the following, also according to

  • Rising temperatures increase the risk of cocaine overdose deaths per the Addiction journal in 2010.
  • Excessive drug use can impair a person’s ability to judge body temperature levels accurately.
  • Cold weather risks like exposure, illness and starvation increase dramatically for addicts driven to homelessness.
  • Operating a vehicle in rain, snow and other difficult conditions is further complicated by driving while intoxicated.
  • Extreme weather can limit transportation options in the event of a serious drug or alcohol overdose.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Charlotte NC

The risk of falling off the path to addiction recovery can happen at any moment. It’s best to steer clear of any triggers that might lead you down the wrong road. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Charlotte NC  understands the possibilities that come with SAD. We want to help you get through any triggers you might face during the upcoming warm weather. Contact us for more information on our therapy groups and sessions.

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