Returning to Work After Rehab

greensboro NC alcohol rehabReturning to work after Greensboro NC alcohol rehab can be a scary, yet exciting thing. You've longed to get back on track with your life and this is just the next step in doing so. While you might be worried that you can't get in the swing of things quickly enough, don't fret. You'll eventually find your way. Rely on your coworkers and allow them to help and support you.

Below, you'll find information that helps you get a good idea of what getting back to work can do for your recovery. It's a stepping stone in the overall journey to a happy, healthy life without substance abuse.

Returning to Work After Rehab


Addicts rely on drugs or alcohol during addiction. They don’t have a choice. Life revolves around their next use. After rehab, getting back to work helps you re-establish a life that’s independent instead of dependent. Standing on your own two feet, working towards getting your career back is a great way to improve self-sufficiency and, overall, helps you take care of yourself better.

Being Responsible

During a battle with addiction, responsibility flies out the window, as a new sense of careless actions take its place. Once you’ve completed rehab and are in the beginning stages of recovery, you might find that you crave responsibility. You might also be scared that you’ll fall off the wagon again. Even more, you worry that your boss and coworkers will judge you for past mistakes. Just remember to take things one step at a time. Responsibility is an action that can easily be proven with time. Remember, actions speak louder than words. You can apologize for past mistakes during addiction but your actions will, by far, be the one thing that proves you’ve changed and are headed in the right direction.

Rejoining the Community

It’s good to be a part of something again, once we get back to work. Missing coworkers, being responsible and working with others is something we can’t help but feel. Being a part of this community is a great way to continue your recovery as you build your professional life again. Rejoining this world will help you stay sober, as long as you remember to stay focused, let those around you in, tell your story and remember to keep a work and life balance that won’t interfere with your recovery progress.

Part of the Puzzle

Working is an overall part of most people's puzzle of life. After rehab, getting back to the job is usually a priority. Unfortunately, it can cause us to become stressed and overwhelmed easily. While getting back to it is part of the plan, it’s important to remember aftercare, support groups and to take time for yourself. This combined with working again will help.

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