Replace Bad Habits With Good Ones

Drug Rehab in Columbus OHThanks for joining for part three on our series of breaking bad habits. As stated in part one, most of our bad habits are just easy ways to deal with stress and boredom. This can include everything from biting fingernails, overspending one weekend having a good time, or drinking every time you feel stressed out. To go back and read part one click here.

Part two discussed ways that you can identify what is triggering your bad habits, as well as the beginning steps that you need to take to correct them. To go back and read part two, please click here.

Bad habits do not have to ruin your life and fortunately you can teach yourself new and positive ways to deal with stress and boredom instead of using your bad habits as a crutch. Below we have put together a list of examples to help you overcome your bad habit problems. For the best alcohol and drug rehab in Columbus OH, call Legacy Freedom!

How To Change Your Bad Habits To Positive Ones

We all engage with our bad habits because they provide some crazy kind of benefit in our lives. Therefore, it can be really hard to just stop doing them. This is why you have to almost trick your brain. So instead of thinking about eliminating these behaviors, change your mindset to replacing them.

Choose The Best Substitute For Your Bad Habit

For this method to work, you have think and plan ahead. You've already figured out when and why you are doing these things so now it's best to sit down and find a positive replacement. By planning ahead, you'll be able to confidently and positively respond to the stress that usually makes you engage in the bad habit.

Here are a few examples. If you feel the need to smoke, try chewing gum or practicing breathing exercises instead. Both of these have been found to have great stress relieving qualities. If you feel the need to have a drink every night after work to wind down, try taking a walk or getting some exercise instead. Using exercise as a stress relief tool has been a long time used method in feeling better.

Having a plan is a great way to deal with many problems in your life, regardless of what you are dealing with.

Cut Out As Many Triggers As Possible

If you want to really stop your bad habits, then make an effort to remove as many triggers and cues from your life as possible. For instance, if you only smoke when you drink, then cut back on your drinking and stop going out to bars. Not being out around smokers and having access to them will really help you stop smoking.

If you find that each day at work, the first thing you do is check Facebook, then sit down and write out your daily tasks instead. This will help your productivity and get you into more of a work mode. If you need to exercise when you get home but all you do is eat cookies and watch TV, then throw out all the junk food and hide the remote.

If you get angry every time you talk to your ex, then cut that person out of your life. Removing as many triggers as you can is a great way to really improve your entire whole world. Trust us!

How To Change Your Bad Habits To Positive Ones

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