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Binge Drinking Impairs Mood, Cognitive Performance | Drug Rehab Raleigh NC Facility News

In lots of developing countries throughout the world, especially in Great Britain and the United States, various reports are showing that binge drinking by young people is on the rise. In previous research, investigators found that binge drinking had strong implications for alcohol dependence. For instance, in the March 2005 issue of Alcohol abuse: Clinical & Experimental Research, they published that binge drinking has negative behavioral consequences. It affects both mood and cognitive functions. If you or someone you know has an issue with substance abuse, please call and ask about our drug rehab Raleigh NC services.

Theodora Duka, professor at the University of Sussex and participating study author, said "There is evidence that repeated, abrupt increases of alcohol levels in the brain, followed by abstinence, induces more damage in the brain than the same amount of alcohol taken uninterrupted in the same length of time."  She also stated  "For instance, animals and humans who have undergone several withdrawals from alcohol will develop convulsions during withdrawal whereas their counterparts who have received the same amount of alcohol but have not experienced repeated withdrawal will not. Thus, we set out on this study to examine the effects of binge drinking on cognitive function."

Fulton T. Crews, director of the Center for Alcohol Studies at the University of North Carolina, said "The approach of selecting individuals according to their self reports of drinking history and then assessing their mood and other cognitive abilities is unique," he then added "These individuals are not seeking treatment or aware of alcohol induced changes in their psychological make up."

For the study, researchers recruited 100 young adults made up of 50 males and 50 females between the ages of 18 and 30. The individuals were healthy and moderate-to-heavy social drinkers. They answered numerous questions about their alcohol and drug use, character traits and mood states, and performed verbal IQ, working memory and vigilance tests.

Negative Moods

The participants that were identified as being binge drinkers reported more negative moods than the non-binge drinkers. Female binge drinkers performed worse on the working-memory and vigilance tests, than did the female non-binge drinkers.

Professor Duka closed with saying that "Binge drinking is associated with a negative, depressive mood. It is also associated with an impaired performance in a working memory task, which tests the ability to hold important information in short-term memory to use it for accurate response, and also in a task that measures how well an individual can withhold a response, which under the circumstances is inappropriate. These two latter effects were more pronounced in the female binge drinkers." This brain damage only gets worse over time especially the more you drink.

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