How to Reorient Yourself After Rehab

great drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NCGetting yourself reoriented to the real world after graduating from our center for drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC can be challenging for some. You've already made such great accomplishments by just deciding to get sober, and taking the necessary steps to make it through detox and rehab, but the next transition isn't always an easy one. Graduation from rehab is different from graduation from recovery. Recovery from addiction, for most, is a lifelong process. One without a "graduation date".

For some, the safety of being in certain rehab centers can shelter patients from what sober life in the real world is like. Rehab tries to lay out a structured plan for recovering addicts so they will regain a certain normalcy back into their lives. Stepping back into the real world, on your own, is not only scary, but really overwhelming as well. This post is part one in a two part series that will address some of the coping skills needed to reorient yourself back into the reality of a sober world.

Day-to-Day Challenges

One of the reasons our programs for drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC are so successful, is because Legacy Freedom is an outpatient treatment center for addiction. We do not keep you in a facility, under lock and key. You are free to come and go as you please. You are able to return home to your loved ones after counseling and therapy sessions. This way, you are not faced with too many new sober challenges when you graduate. You're constantly building coping skills as you go, because you're facing new challenges everyday. These skills will help you learn to deal with life's curveballs in a positive way, instead of a destructive way. Inpatient treatment centers keep patients too far removed from real world issues that will have to be dealt with, sooner or later.

We know how stressful it can be to have to learn how to readjust to your working environment, and find that outpatient therapy really is a great way to advance a patient's coping skills quickly. Outpatient therapy also allows patients to balance work, family and recovery. This way recovery is not making you face more financial or family problems. At Legacy Freedom, we customize a treatment plan based on your individual needs, not some one-size-fits-all solution.

Is Relapse Right Around the Corner?

As an addict in recovery, you have to always stay vigilant against relapse. You have to always try to figure out how to avoid situations that might turn into a trigger situation. Unfortunately, some patients leave treatment with a false sense of security that they have been cured of their disease when this could not be further from the truth, because the risk of relapse never really goes away.

This is why we help you build a sober network of family, friends, and other loved ones when planning out your recovery. The more trusted people you have in your support network means you'll have a greater chance of avoiding a relapse.

Be sure to read part two where we cover some tips and ideas that you can incorporate into your daily life to make things a little easier.

Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Raleigh NC

Legacy Freedom is a highly rated, outpatient center for drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC. We want to help you recover from the substance abuse problems that are ruining your life. At Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers, we offer a holistic approach to recovery. We show you ways to live life without a crutch for your addiction, so we do not use other drugs to treat substance abuse problems. Our programs for drug and alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC really work, and we also have the personal testimonials from real patients to back them up. Get the help you deserve by finally making the first step toward sobriety - call us today for quality care.

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