How to Relax Without Alcohol

Alcohol Rehab In Raleigh NCIf you look forward to having a drink after a stressful workday, you’re going to have to find another way to relax if you’ve decided to give up alcohol. Grabbing a cold one or a pouring a glass of wine when you’re feeling stressed and want to unwind can become a hard habit to break, but it can be done.

Let’s take a look at some alternative ways to relax in this two part series. First up, let’s check out physical activities that are great stress busters than can lead to relaxation. Do you lean on alcohol to relax each day and night? Get help from the best facility for alcohol rehab in Raleigh NC by calling Legacy Freedom. We can help you regain your sobriety!

Relaxing without Alcohol

1. Hit the gym.
Instead of settling down in front of the TV with a beer in your hand, go to the gym. Exercise relieves stress and releases endorphins that make you feel good. Most gyms are open anytime, so pick one close to your house so it’s convenient to go. Or, if you want to go after work, pick one near your office so you can go right after. Pretty soon the only six pack you’ll be carrying around will be your abs.

2. Start running.
If indoor exercise isn’t your thing, take up running. Check out local fitness stores to see if they have a group you can join, or do it on your own. All you need is a pair of good shoes and a place to go. Your neighborhood may have just the right amount of hills and plains for a good workout. If not, go to a park.  The best part of running as opposed to other physical activities is that you don’t have to think. You can free your mind of all the stressful stuff going on.

3. Take a hike.
Hiking is a great way to get exercise, clear your mind and give yourself some time in nature, which is something we can all use in this tech based culture. Check out local parks for trails, or if you’re near a lake or the beach take a stroll there. If you’re lucky enough to live in the mountains, you probably have a lot of options to check out.

4.  Start dancing.
Whether you turn on music at home and dance around your living room or sign up for formal lessons dancing is a great stress reliever, and it’s fun, too. There are lots of different kinds of dancing, so you can pick something you’re most interested in trying. You could take salsa lessons, try ballroom dancing, or take ballet lessons. If you’d rather keep your moves in the privacy of your home, you can get dance video games that will teach you moves and help release stress.

5. Learn breathing techniques.
Taking up yoga or mediation can help you learn how to breath deeper, which can lead to relaxation and an overall sense of calm. Once you learn controlled breathing techniques, you can practice them anywhere. In fact, you can try it now. Sit still in a quiet place and close your eyes.  Breathe in and out, making note of how your diaphragm is expanding and contracting. Now breathe in and hold it for a count of five, then exhale slowly for a count of five. The more you do it, the easier it will become.

Check out the next part of this series for more ideas on relaxing without drinking alcohol.

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