How to Relax Without Alcohol, Part Two

raleigh NC alcohol rehabUsing alcohol as a way to relax is common for many people, but when you give up drinking it can be hard to find other ways to unwind. In this two part series, we’re looking at alternative ways to relax without pouring that glass of wine or popping open that beer. In the previous article, we focused on physical activities you can do to reduce stress, such as exercise and deep breathing techniques.

In this second part, we’re going to give you ideas for other types of activities that can help you relax without hitting the booze. Searching for Raleigh NC alcohol rehab or drug treatment? Call Legacy Freedom today to see how we can help you.

How to Relax Without Having a Drink

1. Spend time with family and friends.
Having a chat with a loved one is a great way to get things off your mind that may be stressing you out. With our busy schedules, we sometimes forget to spend time with our family and friends. Make it a priority, and try to schedule something regularly. Just a short visit a week or half an hour on the phone can do wonders for your stress levels.

2. Read a book.
Getting lost in a good story, or reading an interesting biography, can help you escape your life for a bit, and it keeps your brain active. While it’s easy to download a book for your e-reader, you could go the old school route and check out books from the library or visit a bookstore. Part of the fun of getting new books is walking up and down the aisles and reading the backs to see if they sound like something you’d enjoy.

3. Find a hobby.
Finding something you enjoying doing, just for the sake of doing it can be a stress reliever. Ask someone who fishes why he does it, and you’ll probably learn that it’s not because he wants to catch a fish, it’s because the act of fishing is relaxing. Find something you’ve always wanted to try and do it. You may learn that you have a knack for something you didn’t know about in the process.

4. Spend time in the kitchen.
Cooking can be a great way to burn off steam, especially if you’re making something that requires a lot preparation. Chopping vegetables can be therapeutic as long as you don’t get too carried away. Making comfort food can also be relaxing, especially when you sit down to eat it. If cooking isn’t your thing, even buying a tube of cookie dough and baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies can be helpful when you’re feeling tense. Studies have found that dark chocolate can reduce stress levels. Just don’t overindulge or it may do more harm than good.

5. Get a massage.
If you can’t convince your significant other to give you a massage for free, consider paying for one. Massages decrease muscle tension, alleviate pain and reduce stress.  Studies have found that it can help with anxiety. If you’re feeling stressed because you’ve recently given up drinking, having massages regularly may help decrease your anxiety.

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