Preventing Relapse, Continued.

Drug Rehab in Charlotte: Preventing Relapse

Staying busy with activities and hobbies and minimizing large pockets of free time is a good strategy to prevent relapse. Even clients that have gone through drug rehab in Charlotte knows that if complete sobriety is expected, they must be constantly monitoring themselves to make sure that they stay on track. If they find themselves starting to think about using, they use strategies they have learned in treatment to ride out the craving or distract themselves until it passes.

Before we move on with ways to prevent relapse outside a drug rehab in Charlotte, let's first make sure we fully understand what a drug rehab can do for an addict that wants to become drug or alcohol free.

Addicts that decide to come to our drug rehab in Charlotte are offered the tools needed to deal with stress, right away. Detox patients attend group therapy sessions twice daily, and get instruction in relationship building, 12 steps of recovery, as well as, holistic and mindfulness training. Individual therapy can include sound therapies and other techniques. Clients, who need to, can move on to a residential rehabilitation treatment program and can receive individual and group therapy as part of their treatment.

Legacy Freedom and other drug rehabs offer nutritional education and are involved in recreational therapy, fitness training, yoga, relaxation, meditation classes, and fitness training. Those that are most likely to be able to stay sober over the long term are those who have multiple options for staying busy.

There are numerous hobbies to help, sponsors, or coping skills classes lined up that those ready to become clean and sober can access easily.  They never have large blocks of time with nothing to do. In addition, our drug rehab in Charlotte offers ways to help you learn to make the most out of the coping skills learned here, while you're out in the real world.

It's important to take advantage of all that a drug rehab in Charlotte can offer while detoxing and becoming drug free. Otherwise, you might not be able to continue your path to recovery. Staying busy and never giving yourself downtime does help prevent a relapse, but it's important to learn how to stay busy in the right way, with help from Legacy Freedom,

If you, or someone you know, need help finding the path to sobriety and recovery, feel free to contact our drug rehab in Charlotte. We are standing by with the care and support needed to become drug or alcohol free.

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