Recovery Resolutions for 2017

Starting the new year as a recovering addict can be quite challenging. However, it's a great time to really focus on recovery by setting resolutions that help you stay committed to a happy, healthy life without drugs or alcohol. Below, you will find several ideas that will help you set resolutions and stick with them. Our substance abuse treatment centers in Charlotte NC hope you find something that helps you continue on into recovery.

2017 Resolutions | Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Charlotte NC

Stay positive. It's hard to prevent a relapse. Even those who have been in recovery for a long time have triggers they face every day. Staying positive helps fight urges. The minute you become negative about life or recovery, your mind and body will become vulnerable. Keep your thoughts upbeat and happy. Positive thoughts, actions and words will help.

Lean on your support group. Your loved ones can help you through this time. You might feel like you are leaning on them too much or adding stress to their life, but don't feel that way. Be confident that they're there for you and want to help. Even if it's just a matter of spending quiet time with them, let them help you in anyway they can.

Begin a healthy lifestyle change. Whether it's a new clean eating diet or commitment to working out, making a choice to be healthy in 2017 will help your recovery. You might consider adopting a brand-new healthy lifestyle. This can include walking or running 2 miles a day, eating three healthy meals per day, getting eight hours of sleep every night and taking a 30 minute break each day for self-care. All of these things will help your mind and body become more healthy and positive. These changes will help you continue your road to recovery.

Read an inspirational book every day. Even if it takes you a full month to read one book, take time each day to read a little bit. Reading an inspirational book will help put you in a positive mindset that can motivate you to continue your recovery.

Take responsibility for your own actions this year. If you're continuing to blame others for your setbacks, it's time to be responsible. Every decision you make can be tailored to fit your recovery. Taking responsibility for your intentions and actions can help you better understand how to make your own decisions and how to stop blaming others.

Remember to be thankful every day. Each morning when you wake up or every night before you go to bed, think about something you're grateful for. Write it down in a journal. Whether it's a feeling, an opportunity, a person, a place or material object, be sure to record it each and every day. Then, when you need a reminder of everything you're thankful for and all the ways you're blessed, read back over what you've written. At the end of the year take a look back at everything you have to be thankful for. This is a great way to continue being positive and stay focused on your recovery.

We hope these tips help you set goals and resolutions for the upcoming year that help you continue in your recovery. We know how hard it is to stay committed, but with the right help, support group and positive mindset you can do anything.

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