Recovery Is Only as Hard as You Make It

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When you make the jump back to sobriety, you have two choices with your treatment and recovery - embrace it, or resist it. Embracing treatment means you'll really have a better chance of making it to the recovery stage, which lasts a lifetime. Embracing recovery, and having a positive attitude and mindset will also help you with developing new coping skills, dealing with life's hard days, and most importantly avoiding a relapse. Resisting treatment methods or not having an open mind will almost make reaching recovery impossible. The addicts that resist treatment will more than likely relapse over and over again. We know that sobriety can seem to be scary, but it's not with the help of the leading facility for alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NC, Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers. Our outpatient, holistic treatment methods have been proven to work without using other addictive drugs to treat your substance abuse problem. Call us today to get started.

Today we're going to talk about how treatment and recovery is only as hard as you want to make it.

Self Fulfilling Prophecies and Negative Self Talk

Do not negatively project a bad ending over and over in your mind. This bad outcome might just become a reality if you keep visualizing it happening. The power of positive thinking is real, and the power of negative thinking is also real. If you constantly think that your life in treatment and recovery will be miserable, then more than likely it will be miserable. You have to drop the negative attitude and self talk.

You are your own worst enemy at times, and biggest critic. Therefore you have to also be your own pep coach and drop the negative inner dialogue. This criticism is getting in the way of you having a positive experience. You're not a failure, so stop calling yourself one.

Unreal Expectations, Constant Disappointment, and Bad Attitudes

If you want to fail really quickly at getting sober, develop a bunch of unattainable goals. These unreal expectations will only lead to constant disappointment. This combination will be deadly in derailing your addiction treatment efforts. You're not going to get sober overnight so expecting everything to be fixed by the end of week 1 is just not going to happen. You have to accept your reality and plan goals accordingly.

You also have to care. This should be a no-brainer, but we have received many patients that just did not care to be in treatment and would not give the treatment process an honest chance. This type of attitude is nothing but a shortcut to relapsing. If you do not really care to get better, then you will not get better or recover.

Here's How to Make Recovery Easy

Check out this list of ideas that the counselors from our facility for alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh put together that will hopefully make your life in treatment and recovery a lot easier:

  • You have to develop an optimistic attitude. Do whatever you have to do to keep positive and do not fall into the trap of negative self-fulfilling prophecies.
  • Keep distracted. Pick up a hobby or two, and get some exercise. Do not allow yourself to be sitting around with nothing to do. This can lead to a relapse.
  • Tell your internal critic to take a hike. Give yourself pep talks instead of negative lectures.
  • You're not going to get back to sobriety overnight so have some real expectations and set attainable goals.
  • Spend some time with inspirational people to get guidance.

Dependable Drug Rehab in Raleigh

When an addict in recovery has a strong mind and positive attitude, the process becomes much easier for them. If you are wondering how you can stop being an addict, and become a sober person again, please call our facility for alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NC, Charlotte NC, or Columbus OH. Our caring admissions coordinators are available to help you anytime, all you have to do is call.


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