Recovering From Relapse

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Charlotte NC: Recovering From Relapse

Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Charlotte NC understands;  recovering from substance abuse or alcohol abuse is difficult. In addition to learning to live life free of alcohol or drugs, you also have to learn to deal with triggers that might cause you to relapse. Honestly, relapse is a large part of recovery. There are various reasons as to why a relapse can occur.  Many addicts have spent years devoting their lives to addiction.   In the beginning you simply haven't spent that long learning how to recover. It’s important to realize that relapse is real and that a relapse can occur at any moment for all recovering addicts.

According to, “Using drink or drugs again does not have to be the end of the world, if you know how to how to get back on track quickly. You can use your experience of relapse as a springboard to an even more successful recovery, by using the 7 “R’s.”

Over the course of the next several posts, our drug and alcohol treatment center in Charlotte NC will go over each and every one of the 7 R’s, in detail, with the hope that your recovery will be as successful as possible.


If you’ve relapsed, it might be easy to reprimand yourself in a harsh way. Calling yourself names, cursing, and thinking negative thoughts is normal. However, these thoughts and words are what will steer you down the wrong path again.

Wearing down your resilience with shame and guilt is difficult to cope with. Regrouping, rather than attacking yourself is important. People make mistakes. A mistake doesn’t determine the rest of your life’s journey. You can rise above the relapse and get back on the road of recovery. Let your relapse be a lesson that makes your recovery stronger than it was before.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Charlotte NC | Befriend Yourself

Instead of talking down to yourself, try using kind, supportive words that you’d use with a friend that is going through the same relapse issues. Remind yourself that you’re strong, ready, and willing to get clean and sober again. Have faith that things will turn around.

In our next post we will continue talking about the 7 R’s that will help you if you happen to fall off the wagon during your recovery from alcohol or substance abuse. We understand what it’s like to deal with a drug addiction or alcohol problem. Let councilors at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Charlotte NC help with your recovery journey. Contact Legacy Freedom for help.

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