Recovering Addicts Can Still Follow Their Dreams!

Drug Treatment in Raleigh NCWhile drug and alcohol addiction are significant hurdles to overcome, recovery is not impossible. Each day we have proof this at our center for alcohol and drug treatment in Raleigh NC. However, when you are beginning your journey to recovery or in recovery, your goals and dreams can seem a long way off. Instead of feeling discouraged about how long it may take you to achieve your dreams and reach your goals, use them as motivation to get you through the struggles in your recovery process.

Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers assigns each patient a Life-Purpose Coach upon entrance to our program. Your Life-Purpose Coach's only goal is to help you unlock your natural talents, passions, and potential. Together you will identify what motivates you to work towards becoming your best self. Call today and ask about our alcohol and drug treatment in Raleigh NC.

In the cycle of addiction, it is easy to lose sight of your mental, emotional and physical health. Legacy Freedom brings those things back into focus with our holistic treatment approach to substance abuse. The holistic approach not only addresses your addiction, but the underlying emotional, physical or mental causes for the addiction. Utilizing tools like inner child therapy, EMDR therapy, meditation, and acupuncture our clinicians can help you identify and release the underlying issues that fed your addiction. We offer a wide range of non-traditional therapies that promote healing mentally and emotionally. Addiction takes its toll on you physically as well. Legacy Freedom offers physical and nutritional therapies to help restore and heal your physical body from the abuse and damage of drugs or alcohol.

Unlocking your potential and the goals and aspirations which have been buried by your addiction is key for your recovery. When in recovery having several sets of goals to focus on is important. Short term goals or things that you can begin to do right away help build your confidence in your abilities. Choosing things that you enjoy like drawing, painting, working out, or cooking can be great for starting on your journey towards larger goals. Learning to make a new recipe and cooking a small dinner for friends can be a rewarding experience. Slowly returning to the things you love can inspire you to set new goals for yourself.

When setting short-term goals:

  • Choose goals that you can achieve in a short window of time. Usually, 4 to 6 weeks is a good amount of time for reaching your short-term goals.
  • Be realistic. Setting the bar too high leads to missing the mark and can make you feel defeated.
  • Stick to the plan. Write a step by step plan for yourself on how you want to achieve this goal. Whether it's by taking a painting class to brush up on your skills, joining a gym and getting a few sessions with a personal trainer, or checking out a cookbook at the library to master a new recipe or technique, plan out what you are looking to accomplish and how you will get there.
  • Make your goal visible. Create a way to hold yourself accountable. Put a picture of that recipe on your bathroom mirror where you will see it every day. Lay your painting supplies out and make time to sketch out an idea or paint a little every day. Sign up for a fun run or charity fitness competition where the goal is more about fitness and fun than a serious competition - that can come later.

Building on your short term goals is a great way to acknowledge your accomplishments and reward yourself for maintaining a healthy and productive focus. As your treatment progresses, your physical health improves and your addiction cravings have subsided. Now is a very good time to establish longer term goals for yourself. For the best alcohol and drug treatment in Raleigh NC, call Legacy Freedom.

Longer term goals will take you six to nine months to complete and should build on the short-term goals that you have accomplished. Much like with short-term goals, being realistic and creating a clear plan on how you will achieve these goals is important. When you set longer term goals:

  • Make a priority list. What needs to happen first? This helps you know where you need to focus your energy right away and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be accomplished.
  • Choose goals you can control. Avoid setting goals that are dependent on anyone else. By ultimately controlling your own goals, you are holding yourself accountable to make them happen.
  • Share these goals with someone you trust. Having a friend, family member or support person who you can talk with about your goals will help you keep on track. When you encounter a challenge on the way to achieving your goal, talking with this person may help you work around the issue and get you right back on track.

Drug Treatment in Raleigh NCCelebrate your accomplishments and evaluate the plan you made for yourself to achieve these goals. If you accomplished these goals easily, make your next goal a little more challenging. Often in meeting one goal, another goal may need to be revised because of something you learned along the way. If that is the case, re-evaluate your goals and adapt as necessary.

Lifetime goals are broad goals that should be broken down into smaller more manageable goals. Lifetime goals include things like career, financial, educational and family goals. Choose a few specific lifetime goals and then create short-term and long-term goals to support them. Some people find that creating a personal mission statement helps them narrow and focus on their lifetime goals.

People who have struggled with alcohol or drug addiction may feel like their goals and dreams are unattainable. This is not true. Drug and alcohol addiction may have sidetracked your dreams, but together with your Life-Purpose Coach and Legacy Freedom, you can get back on track.

Remaining true to yourself and loyal to your goals throughout your recovery process will help encourage you to maintain a sober and healthy lifestyle. Sharing your goals and dreams with people who will provide positive support is an excellent way to help ensure that you stay on track. Remain enthusiastic about your goals, even during times of setback. No one expects perfection on your journey to achieving your lifetime goals or even your short-term goals.

Each person has something unique to contribute to the world around them. Yours includes experiences that have not been positive or healthy, but there is no reason why you shouldn't accept that those were just a part of your story - not the entire story. Through recovery, confidence, hard work, and perseverance you can achieve any goal or dream that you set for yourself.

Affordable Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Raleigh NC

Our centers specialize in a variety of drug and alcohol addictions. Whether you are addicted to painkillers, cocaine, gambling, shopping, sex or food, our treatment specialists can help. Our holistic approach is not a 12 step program and is unlike anything you have tried before. Browse our therapy options, read our blogs and learn more about the treatment options available to you at Legacy Freedom. Begin your journey to a healthy, empowered and sober life today with Legacy Freedom of Raleigh. Call now or click to chat. We are here and we are ready to help you with affordable alcohol and drug treatment in Raleigh NC. Are you?


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