Recovering Addicts and Entertainment

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If you, or someone you love and care about, needs alcohol and drug rehab in Raleigh NC but will not make the commitment, maybe this post will help. Being sober doesn't mean being boring. You can have fun while working toward a sober lifestyle. Keep reading for reasons why you should take a leap of faith and get the help you need and deserve.

You Do Have Entertainment Options in Recovery

As counselors for drug rehab in Raleigh NC, we often hear addicts making a common excuse for not wanting to get sober. That excuse is fearing that a sober lifestyle will be boring. These addicts think that they will be miserable without a toxic-fueled life filled with alcohol and drugs. The idea that a sober lifestyle is boring is not the truth. In actuality, leading a sober lifestyle can be way more rewarding. Once addicts turn their lives around and become sober, we often hear them complaining of not having enough hours in the day to get everything done. Once you are unchained from your vices, you'll discover a whole new world of entertaining activities that was once foreign to you.

The Dangers of Being Bored

Boredom, in  general, is something none of us wants to deal with. If you're an addict in recovery, boredom can be more than undesirable, it can be dangerous. Boredom is a big cause of relapse. It is a trigger that every addict has to deal with. Boredom can be even more dangerous with patients in the early stages of recovery. This is why keeping a schedule and having structure is so helpful. The biggest tip we can give you for fighting boredom is to find new and fun things to do with your hours.

Finding Fun in Recovery

After taking those first important steps to becoming a sober person, you might feel a little lost and confused. Spending the majority of your life seeking out and using drugs and alcohol these past few years has taken up a lot of your time. Now that you have removed that element from your life, you're left with big chunks of your day with nothing to do. Use this adjustment period as time for discovering new activities, places, and things. You might even find yourself rekindling old hobbies from your days before becoming an addict.

Here are a few ways people in recovery can find new and fun things to do:

Experiment in a Good Way - Get out and do different things. Join a gym, take a class, join different interest groups. You'll have to be willing to come out of your shell and introduce yourself to new people and ideas. Once you are open and willing to try new things then your sober life will become more fun.

Become a Hobby Enthusiast - Rekindle the interests you had before you became addicted to drugs and alcohol. It could be a worthwhile endeavor to revisit your old passions just to see if you "still have it". On top of these old hobbies, find something new to try. Maybe learn how to cook French cuisine, or try your hand at baking. Mixing your hobbies between doing something old and new will keep you busy and interested. You'll be able to have fun and new learn things. If you find that you are just not into hobbies, or other crafts, get fit instead. Focus your time on working out, running and lifting weights. You can also use the internet to find activities happening in your city that are interesting to you.

The more hobbies you have to keep yourself busy the better off you'll be in recovery. You'll have many things to become obsessed with instead of focusing all of your time on drugs or alcohol. If you find yourself relapsing or needing help with substance abuse, please reach out to Legacy Freedom for top notch drug rehab in Raleigh.

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