Can Recovering Addicts Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Drug Rehab in Asheville NCValentine's Day is right around the corner. This is a holiday revolving around love and happiness. However, for those who are struggling with substance abuse or those who have just finished drug rehab in Asheville NC and are recovering, it might not be such a lovely, happy day. There are things that may have happened along your journey that might have you feeling at odds with your friends and/or family. You might still have a few unresolved feelings about yourself and your recovery journey. Whatever the case, put this all to the side. You deserve to celebrate this day of love without guilt or fear.

Thankfully, because Valentine's Day is a time of love and happiness, you might be able to reach out to your friends and family without feeling pressured or awkward. Below, you will find several tips that might help you figure out how to spend the day without being sad or alone.

  • Spend time with friends and family. Just because you are struggling with substance abuse doesn't mean you should spend this holiday alone. Lean on friends and family who are supportive and understanding. You might choose to stay in and cook dinner, go to a movie or just sit and talk. Whatever you choose, don't be afraid to lean on your loved ones.
  • Don't be alone. If you are sad and lonely already, spending time by yourself might not be the best idea on a holiday. Instead, invite a sober friend out to dinner or cook for your family. Whatever you choose to do, try not to feel like you're completely alone.
  • Embrace loneliness. Part of recovery is learning to be alone and reflecting on blessings and important parts of life. If you are comfortable being alone, don't worry about making plans this upcoming Valentine's Day. Instead take time to celebrate your recovery and what you've accomplished since rehab.
  • Celebrate your recovery. Whether you do this alone or with family and friends, take time to remember your recovery and time spent in rehab. You've come so far. It's time to make a big deal about it!
  • Work on relationships. It's possible that you haven't spoken with your loved ones since getting out of rehab. Try making Valentine's Day the day you reach out. Whether you call, send them flowers or candy or simply stop by their house and have a talk, do something that helps rebuild your relationships. It's a great time, considering Valentine's Day and all that it means.

You might be thinking that because you're recovering from addiction and vulnerable that you can't celebrate a holiday, especially Valentine's Day. That is not true. If anything, you should be celebrating your recovery, at least. Below, you'll find other ways to spend this day of love without feeling like you're undeserving of it. These ideas will make you feel good about yourself and help others, as well.

  • Volunteer at a community outreach center. Whether you're working in a soup kitchen or other organization, volunteering on Valentine's Day is a great way to celebrate all that you've learned in recovery.
  • Send Valentine cards to a local homeless shelter, children's home or abuse center. You can do this anonymously or put your name on it. Whatever the case, those receiving them will be very excited and feel loved.
  • Offer to help friends or family with anything they need. If there are things that are keeping them from enjoying their Valentine's Day, volunteer to do them. You might walk their dog, clean their home, pick up dry cleaning or some other daily task that will help them out just a little.

Drug Rehab in Asheville NC
If you are working towards reconnecting with a significant other this Valentine's Day, consider the following ideas to help celebrate your relationship, your recovery and a brand new year with new beginnings.

  • Go on a picnic. This is a great way to disconnect from technology, daily trials and focus on the one person who means the most.
  • Take a bike ride. This is also a great way to get away from the world for a little while, celebrate each other and the holiday.
  • Volunteer at a local organization for the homeless or less fortunate together. This is a great way to put life into perspective and realize how much love and support you both have. It's also a great way to remember to be thankful for all your blessings in life.
  • Watch romantic movies. Movies are great way to take your mind off of daily stress and troubles. Since it's Valentine's Day, why not watch a romantic comedy and order takeout?
  • Have a spa day. A couples massage or facial is a nice, relaxing way to spend Valentine's Day. You can visit a spa or re-create a spa like experience in your own home.

We hope these ideas help you find a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day as a recovering addict. There's nothing that should keep you from spending time with your loved ones on this day. It's a time of love and happiness. What better way to continue your recovery than spending it with the people that mean the most?

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