Recommiting to Recovery After Relapse

Drug Rehab Charlotte: Relapse After Recovery

Welcome back. In our last post, our drug rehab in charlotte talked about the fact that a relapse of drug or alcohol use might happen during your recovery. In the event that it happens, there are several ways to deal with the relapse. Recovering from relapse is possible. In fact, there are 7 steps that can help.

Our last post explained how important it is to regroup after a relapse, and today, we will talk about how important it is to reach out and let others know about your relapse. Though it might be hard, reaching out for support might be the only way to recover from a relapse.

Drug Rehab Charlotte | Reach Out

According to, “As much as you may feel embarrassed and ashamed about relapsing, now is not the time to hide away feeling sorry for yourself — or getting deeper into your addiction. People who relapse can remain stuck in their addiction for some time, because they feel too guilty to admit the truth and ask for more help. But reaching out to others is vital at this stage, because becoming isolated or dwelling in shame will only make another relapse more likely.

It is important to reach out to the right people to get back on track with your recovery. Gather sober, understanding people around you, go to a fellowship group for more support, or visit a professional who specializes in addiction recovery.”

Recommit to Recovery

Getting your recovery back should be the most important decision you make during the event of a relapse. Make a promise to yourself, your family and friends. Sincerely choose to do whatever it takes to recommit to recovery. Use your relapse as source of strength. Don’t let it be a black mark of shame.

Start your recommitment by making a list of all the great things you enjoy about a clean and sober life:

  • A clearer head
  • Resuming self-respect
  • Spending quality time with family and friends
  • Making others proud

Then make a list of things you despise about a life of drinking or drugging:

  • Money spent on drinking or drugs
  • How the substance abuse took over your life
  • How it made your family and friends feel

Decide to do whatever it takes to recommit to recovery. Decide that it’s imperative that you gain back your freedom.

Our next post will focus on realizing where you went wrong when a relapse occurs during recovery. For more information on our drug rehab in Charlotte, be sure to contact us.

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