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Raleigh Drug and Alcohol Treatment CenterSummer is heating up and so are the drug arrests being made in Wake County. The state continues to wage an all out war against the drugs being trafficked through its major cities and along its highways. Local authorities have been busy with busts and arrests related to the increased drug traffic in Wake County. If someone you love has an addiction problem, call a Raleigh drug and alcohol treatment center you can trust. Call Legacy Freedom.

While law enforcement is focused on dismantling drug rings and getting the guns, money, and drugs off the streets, public health officials are concerned with a growing crisis in Wake County and across the state. The number of people who are testing positive for hepatitis B and C is growing. Hepatitis is spread through the sharing of needles and unprotected sex. Injected drug users are at the highest risk for infection. Health officials are urging people to practice safe injection practices and seek treatment if they begin to show signs of a new hepatitis infection.

In Wake Forest, authorities got an unexpected bust when they stopped a vehicle for a routine traffic violation. The Wake County Sherriff's office seized 367 pills from a vehicle operated by a mother and son on Capital Boulevard and Wake Union Church Road. The Saturday afternoon bust resulted in the duo being charged with conspiring to traffic, two counts of trafficking opioid drugs, possession of the opioids as a separate felony, possession of Xanax, and possession of another prescription drug called carisoprodol, a powerful painkiller and muscle relaxant. The large quantity of oxycodone that was found in the vehicle led to the multiple charges of trafficking. Deputies found 271 doses of oxycodone, three doses of carisoprodol, and 93 Xanax pills in their car.

Prescription drug addiction continues to grip the country, North Carolina in particular. In many cases, the number of deaths related to prescription painkillers outweighs the number of deaths caused by illicit drugs in North Carolina. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of prescription drug overdoses has tripled over the last decade. The CDC also estimates that the number of prescription overdose deaths is greater than the number of deaths from heroin and cocaine combined.

A Raleigh woman was arrested as a result of work by the regional anti-drug task force. The woman who was detained in Cary was charged with conspiracy to traffic heroin and cocaine. Her partner in the plot, a Durham man, was also arrested and charged with two counts of cocaine trafficking,  four counts of drug-trafficking conspiracy, two counts of having or selling drugs within 1,000 feet of a school or park, and two counts of heroin trafficking. The woman also faces charges for using her Cary apartment to store, package and sell the drugs. If you're searching for a Raleigh drug and alcohol treatment center this summer, be sure to call Legacy Freedom. We can help.

A Raleigh jury handed down a conviction in late May for a former police officer from Windsor who was convicted of acting as an armed escort for drug trafficking operations. The former officer was convicted of using and carrying firearms in relation to drug trafficking offenses, multiple counts of conspiring to distribute controlled substances, conspiring to use and carry firearms in relation to drug trafficking offenses, carrying firearms in relation to drug trafficking offenses and bribery and attempting to possess with intent to distribute controlled substances. The former officer's arrest came in conjunction with a drug sting operation known as "Operation Rockfish" that concluded in 2015. Seven Northampton County deputies, two Virginia corrections officers and three North Carolina corrections officers were also charged in the sting.

The former Windsor officer transported 30 kilograms of cocaine from North Carolina to Maryland on three occasions from August of 2014 to April of 2015. In exchange for carrying the drugs, the man received $6,500 in cash from undercover FBI agents. The agents posed as drug traffickers and had arranged for a fourth transport. When the former officer showed for the pickup he was arrested. At the time of his arrest, he was in possession of an assault rifle and four other firearms as well as three magazines of ammunition. On previous trips, the man had carried his badge and gun to help him avoid any searches of his vehicle if he had been stopped. He will be sentenced in August of 2017.

Outpatient Raleigh Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center For Summer

Raleigh Drug and Alcohol Treatment CenterIf a prescription drug, illicit drug or alcohol addiction has taken hold of your life, Legacy Freedom of Raleigh can help. We are not a twelve step program. Our treatment for substance abuse is based on holistic treatments which put you, not your addiction, at the center of focus. Our therapists will help you understand why you use drugs or alcohol to excess. Many of our clients discover that they drink to numb the pain of childhood trauma, the grief of losing a loved one or an undiagnosed mental illness. Whatever the reason is that you are choosing to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol, one-on-one counseling and group therapy will help you identify and own the underlying cause.

Healing your addiction isn't just about talk therapy, it's about healing your body too. Years of abusing your body by imbibing in drugs and alcohol excessively can wreak havoc on your health. Our staff dietician will help you get your health back on track through proper nutrition. Work with our physical therapist to help your health improve through exercise and therapeutic treatments.

At Legacy Freedom, we utilize alternative therapy methods to help our clients learn new ways to cope with their co-occurring disorders like anxiety, PTSD or depression. We offer more than ten different alternative treatments to our patients. These alternative therapies are designed to push your boundaries, manage your mental health and establish a set of skills to help you live a sober, healthy and purpose filled life. Choose from therapies like equine therapy, acupuncture, or adventure therapy. Your care team will help you select the right therapies for you and your interests.

Want to learn more about our holistic Raleigh drug and alcohol treatment center? We invite you to read our blog and our success stories from people just like you. Taking the first step towards breaking free of your addiction is difficult. Whether you have tried substance abuse counseling before or are looking to get help for the first time, we can help. We don't judge, we heal and help you transform your life into a sober, healthy journey. Call or click to connect with us today!

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